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    First Keg

    I am getting ready to brew a batch for the first time to go to keg instead of bottling. I am picking up the empty keg this weekend. wanted to ask about carbonation. I have been using carb drops to bottle. I assume for kegs you just add corn sugar into the fermented wort when you fill the keg...
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    Looking for a recipe

    Looking for a recipe Grains on hand 42lbs 2 row crushed Briess base malt 77oz flaked barley 4oz flaked oats 4oz flaked white wheat Yeast Dry Nottingham ale yeast Lellande Munich wheat beer yeast Yeast Reharvested Wyeast 3068 Hops pellets Saaz Hallertau Mosaic Ammerillo Mandarina...
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    Priming sugar

    Very new to home brew. I’ve been buying and using carbonation drops. I was thinking of going with priming sugar. what do I need to know about priming sugar? I assume a certain amount goes into 5 gallon after fermentation abs before bottling. what kind of sugar is best? mid there a time...
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    Simple blonde ale

    Going to try to make a 5gal batch of a simple blonde ale It was suggested on here to go with 80% base to 20% wheat. (So 8lbs & 2lbs for grain bill) Using saaz and hallertau hops for bittering to about 20 ibu adding a half ounce at 5 mins for extra flavor. Using Mangrove jacks west coast m44...
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    Advice on grain bill

    I live a long way from the brew supply store. My last visit I stocked up and now trying to figure what to make with what I have left in inventory... Grains in hand 1.5 lbs briess Bavarian DME 77oz 2 row crushed Bries pale ale malt 71 oz Pilsner malt base malted barley in crushed 6oz crushed...
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    Dry hopping & secondary fermentation

    New to home brew. Planning for my third batch and would like to do an IPA. I’ve been reading some about “dry hopping” and “secondary fermentation”. First 2 batchs were wheat beers and straight forward. Hops added at different times during the boil, cool, pitch, ferment, and wait. I am assuming...
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    Gypsum add?

    I bought gypsum because I saw a video that said it clears up beer. I am starting a Hefeweizen in the next few days. Starting with bottled spring water (but could switch to distilled water if it’d be better?) shoukd I add gypsum? If so when?
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    When to add DME?

    At what point do I put Dry Malt Extract into my mix?
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    Hops storage

    What’s the best way to store your pellet hops? I’ve watched a few videos that show some brewers storing their hops in the freezer. Is that good, bad, common?
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    Best hops for IPA

    What are the best hops to use for an IPA?
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    Best dry yeast

    One of my challenges as a new home brewer is liquid yeast. I would like to use dry powdered yeast that will store easily and I can measure out for smaller experimental batches. I feel like I rip open a liquid yeast pack an expose it outside the fridge it’s going to be impossible to keep some...
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    First non kit home brew wheat beer low OG

    Tried my first from scratch home brew. I decided on an all grain attempt at Hefeweizen. OG WAS WAY LOW SO I ADDED TWO TYPES OF SUGAR after 24 hours in fermenter ... did I screw up the batch? Ingredients 4.5 lbs flaked barley 4.5lbs brides white wheat malt 1/2 lb flaked oats 1/2 lb flaked...