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    Induction questions

    Hey all, looking for some advice from anyone who is more electrically inclined than myself. Moving to an apartment and plan on utilizing induction heating. Now, I want to continue to brew 10 gallon batches as I have all the equipment to do so. I have a 3500w 240v induction plate in mind but...
  2. K

    New York Rims Setup & Barley Crusher

    Selling my new, never used RIMS setup and my used Barley Crusher. All prices do not include shipping. I am located on the east end of Long Island. RIMS System is a 1650W element, 120V, 20 AMP controller that I purchased off of Amazon earlier this year. I never got around to using/needing it...
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    Green Magic?

    Hey all, Got a free 8oz bag of these from Yakima (thanks!) and I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with them? I have read the description from Yakima and they look interesting (Kiwi, Kumquat, hints of lychee and paprika, strong floral notes). I was thinking of doing a pilsner smash...
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    New York Counterflow Chiller

    It is the Brewvint Deluxe Counterflow chiller from AHS. It was well taken care of and is only about two years old. Chills wort quickly. Only reason im selling is because I got a Blichmann Therminator for Xmas. $50. Will ship at buyers expense.
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    Conical fermenter

    Looking to upgrade from my 7 gallon conical to at 12.5-15 gallon one for 10 gallon batches. Tri-clamp fittings only and I am willing to travel to pick it up. I am located on the east end of long island. Cash is in hand. Ken
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    caloric difference between alcohol and carbohydrates

    Hello all, I was wondering how this happens. A gram of a given carbohydrate comes in at 4 calories. However, a gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. Correct me if I am wrong, Im pretty sure I am right :D, ethyl alcohol is a by product of a fermented sugar (carb). How does this "create" calories...
  7. K

    12-15 Gallon conical, SS

    Like the title states, C-clamps only, thermowell and racking arm would be preferred. Cash is in hand and ready to buy now if the price is right. Located on Long Island and I am willing to do some light traveling to pick it up. Thanks! Ken
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    Gelatin for Slants

    Hey all, I am about to begin slanting yeast and have a question on the amount of gelatin to use instead of agar. Do you use the same amount of gelatin as agar? Thanks
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    Hop Drop

    Probably the best IPA I made to date and felt it was worthy of a post for others to try and brew. A nice dry, hop forward IPA. Grains: Rahr Pale ale 11.5# Rye Malt 1# C-60 .5# Cane Suger .5# Hops: 1.25oz Chinook 60Min 0.75oz Chinook 20Min 1.00oz...
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    Embarassing beer farts?

    Whats your most embarrassing beer fart? I just had one last week in my class ( yes school is the worst especially when your in a midterm and can't leave) I felt so bad lol
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    Teavana in your beers?

    Well I bought my mom a teavana kit for her birthday and I am blown away by the aroma and taste of some of these teas. My brewing mind instantly thought how can this be incorporated into some brews. Anybody do it? Im thinking a wit or some other belgian brew. Thanks in advance!
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    Belma combos?

    Hey all! Just wondering if anybody has any good combos with belma they would like to share. So far I made two belma exclusive batches and feel it needs a little something.
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    Keggle, corny keg, floor corker, and filter

    Clearing out some brewing equipment I no longer need or use frequently. All items are without shipping. I would prefer local pick up but will ship at buyers expense. Corny keg: Ball lock, never had problems with leaks. Replaced all gaskets when I first purchased about a year ago. $25 Keggle...
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    WLP002 experience

    Hello all, just posting my experience with this yeast. Made a special strong bitter. Made a 1L starter and pitched a fresh tube into my flask and put on the stir plate for 24 hrs than cold crashed the night before brewing and Decanted the liquid. Grain bill was 7.5# MO .25# Caramunich 8oz...
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    Randal worth the hops?

    Is it worth two ounces of hops? Amarillo or simcoe specifically? I never had a beer ran through one but want to try. The beer will be dry hopped to.
  16. K

    stone vertical 07 trade

    Just found a Local beer distributor with a few of these on their shelves i think a few 08's too. Anybody want to trade for these? Been looking to try Pliny the elder...
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    Sandy pics, mastic beach, ny long island

    Some pictures of what's going on around my area
  18. K

    Could this be good? Wondering if anyone has used this or know someone who has. And if so do you know if it can handle the weight or size of a 10 gallon batch?
  19. K

    Bravo hop combos?

    Just got my order in from hopsdirect and I picked up a # of bravo. I never used it and from what I read so far its an excellent bittering hop. I just want to know what is everyones favorite combo with this hop? :mug:
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    Carb problems with beergun.

    I'm having some trouble with the carbonation of my brews when using the beergun. From my kegs the beers are carbed perfect. Bottles are a different story. Theirundercarbed a bit and I want to get to the bottom of this. I purge my bottles before filling and also add a little co2 on the top to get...