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    Barleywine finished @ 1.030?

    I have a barleywine that was brewed on 12/27/13. Mashed at 153 for 90 minutes, stirring every 30 minutes, dropped to 148 by end. Collected first runnings to get 4 gallons, 90 minute boil ended up with 2.5 gallons 1.104 wort. Aerated 20 minutes with pump, pitched two packets rehydrated US-05...
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    When to raise fermentation temp?

    I have 2.5 gal of barleywine, OG 1.105 that is at 1.05 and 5 gal IPA of 1.053 that is at 1.02. Both are in my basement, ambient 50*F and the fermometers read 59-61 for both. When is a good time to allow them to warm up to high 60 to finish off? I'm thinking the IPA is just about ready, but I may...
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    Diy cooler bulkhead

    Just got a 10gal cooler from Home Depot. For now I'm using it as a HLT so I just need an easier dispenser spout. Has anyone done a bulkhead with stuff from a hardware store?
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    Kids making beer while dad is at work

    So my wife sends me a text with the preface "don't be mad" Followed by this picture My 2 year old and 3 year old had opened up a couple ziploc bags with specialty grains (leftovers) and dumped them in my cooler and told my wife they were making beer for me. They have watched me make beer once...
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    Thoughts on Partigyle grain bill

    I want to do a partigyle brew that will make a rye barleywine and a rye IPA. I haven't done the individual recipes in beersmith, but this is what I've come up with for the mash so far. The total OG will be 1.070 and I will collect wort for 2.5 gallons @ 1.105 and 5 gallons @ 1.053 (post boil...
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    What to buy?

    Soooo, I'm on my 5th day in a row of 16 hour shifts. What should I get on payday? I have a cooler/SS braid mash tun and turkey fryer burner all grain set up. Currently fermenting in buckets. Thinking about a speidel fermenter, refractometer, installing a valve on kettle, or a few fast racks. Any...
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    Rye in barleywine

    I want to do a partigyle brew, barleywine and an IPA. Any thoughts on adding rye to mash? I think the 'spice' from the rye would complement the residual sugars in a barleywine nicely
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    Weldless ketle valves and immersion chillers

    I have a 7.5gal aluminum turkey fryer pot that I plan on adding a weld less valve and screen to, but I'm worried about it getting beat up by my IC. I'm not sure if the IC will sit atop the valve bulkhead. If it does should I worry about leakage? Anyone use an IC with weldless valve?
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    German homebrewing?

    Where I work there is a robot for testing tensile strength that is made in Germany and each year a technician comes over to service it. I was talking with him and asked if he was a beer guy (of course) and he asked if I liked beer. He seems surprised that I home brew, almost as if he had never...
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    Lansing brewers

    I've looked at a few d the home brewers clubs in the area and, unfortunately, my schedule doesn't really allow me to go to many meetings. Anyone else in the Lansing area interested in meeting up to brew or work on projects?
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    Brewers edge kettles

    Does anyone have a brewers edge kettle from Williams brewing? A lot cheaper than the megapot 1.2, but is there a reason?
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    BVIP is my white whale

    Denny's BVIP is hands down my favorite homebrew, even though I've never managed to get it quite right. Something always goes wrong for one reason or another. This last time I grabbed the wrong hops from my freezer. The alpha acid were the same % so I'm not extremely worried. At some point during...
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    Equipment for electric brew

    So I'm thinking about main to electric and I'm looking for something that would be super simple. My current setup is a 72qt cooler with a SS braid and a 7.5gallon turkey fryer. No pumps. Single infusion, batch sparge. I have a basement room that has a floor drain and a window I can vent steam...
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    Public brewing

    So, I had an idea for a brew session in July. I'm from Michigan and I usually spend a good chunk of time in northwest Michigan near Traverse City in July, which is right around cherryfest. I would like to try brewing a cherry wheat on a Lake Michigan beach, using water from Lake Michigan. The...
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    Water report feedback

    Looking for some suggestions on my water. I've always brewed with my tap water, I've started adding campden tablets. I've brewed a fairly wide range of ales. Dark to light, hoppy to malty and I've been fairly happy with each one. I'm becoming more interested in the real meat of brewing science...
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    Relaxing beer day

    So, I'm brewing Denny's rye IPA today and was starting to have down issues, I haven't brewed ink the and I'm a bit rusty. First, I couldn't get my strike water to the right temp, when I did and doubled in, my mash was too hot. I added cold water and it was too cold (149 instead of 153). I...