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    Water Chemistry - Explain it like I'm 5

    The final frontier for me is water chemistry and closed keg transfers. I plan on conquering both of these things on my next batch, which will be brewing this Saturday. Water chemistry has always been intimidating for me, so I usually just use tap water with campden tablets or bottles of spring...
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    Help me brew a Hefe!

    Let me start off by saying that I do not want to cut corners here. Time, ingredients, processes, whatever helps me make the best authentic German Hefeweizen is what I'm interested in. Also, fwiw, I brew on the Anvil Foundry 6.5. I typically ferment in a Fermonster in my temperature controlled...
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    Closed "loop" transfer for Fermonster

    I have a 3 gallon Fermonster with a spigot. I am looking to do closed loop transfers to my kegs from now on, and want to do it the easiest and most cost effective way possible. I found this YouTube video that may be my answer: My questions are; what do I need exactly as far as...
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    What are the chances that I ruined my beer?

    Last weekend I had the easiest/quickest brew day ever. Everything went perfectly. Last night as I was laying in bed, something hit me. I realized that when I transferred my wort from my Anvil Foundry to my fermenter, I did so by simply opening the valve to let it drop in to the fermonster. By...
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    Dry Irish Stout - Creamy without Nitro?

    I do not have the ability to serve on nitro, and I am not looking to invest in that at this time. I would, however, like to make an Irish Stout that would at least be creamy/have nice head retention. Would adding 3-4% of carapils do the trick?
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    Critique My Red Ale

    Putting together an Irish Red Ale for the first time. I'm looking for something around 4.5% that will be quaffable for the coming Spring weather. Here is what I have put together so far: Maris Otter 2.8L (68.6%) Munich 6.2L (20.6%) Carared 20L (8%) Chocolate Rye 245L (2.9%) 60 minutes (20...
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    Gravity Reading...Is this Normal?

    My 3rd all grain batch is currently fermenting (since Saturday evening). I got my target OG of 1.054. Target FG is 1.010. I just grabbed a sample for a reading and got 1.020. Given the time it has been fermenting, does it seem to be "on track"? There is no longer any activity in the airlock. If...
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    Stainless Steel Dry Hop Ball - Should I use it in a keg? I bought one of these recently but have not used it yet. I'm considering using it directly in the keg for 1oz of my dry hopping. Thoughts? Will it sink?
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    Hop Schedule Help

    Posted this on the Beginners board but had no responses, so I thought I'd try here :) Cheers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm planning on brewing a pale ale (probably more of an ipa) in a...
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    Hop Schedule Help

    I'm planning on brewing a pale ale (probably more of an ipa) in a couple weeks with some hops that I have on hand. Fwiw, I brew 2.5 gallon batches. Here is what I have: 0.6 oz of Cascade pellet 1 oz Mosaic Cryo 1 oz Simcoe pellet 1 oz Mosaic pellet Grist: 2 Row. 74.4% Munich 22.1%...