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    Cranberry Trippel ?

    I have the wort for a trippel on to boil and just found some cranberries in the freezer. I've had a few homebrews during the course of the brew day and suddenly adding cranberries seems like a good idea. Any suggestions in terms of process or quantity? Or does anyone want to talk me down...
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    Pre & Post Boil Gravity

    Several weeks ago I was brewing with someone and we used my refractometer to check the pre & post boil gravity. Both were 15.5. We thought this a bit odd but chalked it up to "maybe we didn't mix the wort enough" or "maybe we just mis-read the thing." Today, I brewed again, my pre-boil...
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    Venting A/C for fermentation cabinet

    Hello - I am very close to building a fermentation cabinet. I have an old window A/C unti for cooling but I don't have ready access to a window. Can I just let the A/C exhaust to the basement or is that asking for trouble? Has anyone done this kind of thing? Thanks, Dave
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    Toasted Stir plate motor ?

    I started work on a stir plate today. I pulled a 12v (dc).17A motor out of a PC and connected a 11v.(dc) 400 mA power supply. First couple of tests & motor runs fine. Suddenly motor won't spin, it tries to move when power is applied but it wont start. With no power the fan spins freely -...
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    What would you do with $200?

    Hi, my rig is a 5 gal Igloo mash tun, a brew pot, turkey fryer burner and an immersion chiller. I do 5 gal. all grain batches and have been brewing for about a year. I bottle my beer and haven't run into any limitations with this system. Although fermentation temp control is an on-going...
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    Brettanomyces bruxellensis Question

    Hi - I am fermenting the Belgian Specialty Ale in "Brewing Classic Styles" I racked to secondary about 3 days ago and pitched the Brettanomyces bruxellensis but I am seeing absolutely no action in the airlock. I know that fermentation can happen without visible airlock action, but am...
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    Split a brew day?

    Hello - I wanted to brew this weekend but can't due to rain. I will have some time later in the week to brew but won't have time to do both the mash and the boil. I am thinking about doing my mash on Sunday and storing the wort in a covered plastic bucket until I can boil later in the...
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    Splitting a brew day & pitching yeast

    Hello, As the subject suggests, I have 2 questions. 1. I am about to embark on my 6th All Grain. My current process is to mash and sparge in the kitchen and do my boil outside. I had hoped to brew this weekend, but rain is forecast