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    Hey guys I'm on my about 5th AG brew. And having problems with hitting OG. Stuck around 57-60% efficiency. Originally thought it was because of mash temp. aiming for 152 and was hitting 148. I'm in boiling a IIPA right now and hit 155 mash...batch sparged for 10 min at 170. took reading and got...
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    Not to spiced christmas beer.

    Hey guys and gals I'm really interested in doing a christmas brew. Would love to do a barley wine but assume i'm a little late for that. So was thinking about a spiced beer. Only thing is i'm not sure if I want to drink 5 gal of spiced beer. I normally like my beer tasting like beer. Now I will...
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    I was just talking to my neighbor looking for pointers and why I had an off flavor in my beer. Some how we got on to the topic of thermometers and I came home to try to verify it was accurate. Turns out it reads 13 degrees higher then it actually is. So my mash in at 154 is really mashing in at...
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    quick help please

    hey guys I was just about to start brewing and found I lost a 90 degree elbow for my mash manifold. Can I plug the holes with tin foil? will it give it a metal taste? any other ideas?
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    Drinking my 2nd batch of all grain. Doing a recipe I found on HBT Whitetail Amber Ale. 2nd attempt at this beer. 1st attempt I borrowed a corona mill and didnt' have the crush fine enough and did not have alot of conversion. 2nd Attempt everything seemed to go well but the beer tastes flat...
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    Mash/Sparge size

    Hey I'm doing an AG batch and trying to remember the mash/sparge ratio. From what I remember 1.25q/lbs of grain, and sparge is 1.5x the mash size. I have 14lbs grain which is (1.25x14=17.5q) 16.56 liters. So sparge would be 24.84 liters. giving me 41.4 liters total. This is for a 23L batch...
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    Brew time

    How long does it take you on brew day for your AG batch. From taking everything out to sanitize till your putting it all away?
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    Mash PH

    Hey guys I'm doing my first all grain batch this weekend. I didn't have the time or money to get my well water tested. Im wondering what I should have on hand if my mash ph is out of normal range. I'm trying the whitetail Amber ale found on hbt.
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    Water hardness

    Hello everyone, I've just transferred my second batch of extract over to secondary. Everything seems to be going good. I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself here. But I want to try an all grain brew (after 1-2 more extract/partial grain brews). My question is about water hardness. I...