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    Frozen lager

    I’ve been aging a lager for a few months in a temp controlled fridge with a brewers heating pad and ink bird temp controller. They have also been inside 2 5 gallon big mouth bubblers. Well last weekend I brewed an ale and needed the fermentation fridge so I moved the lagers into another fridge...
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    Pennsylvania 4 faucets

    4 plain faucets. No handles or shanks. I’ll sell all 4 for $40 including shipping to continental US.
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    Kettle Sour

    Going to attempt to make my fist sour this weekend and keep going back and forth how to do it. Was originally going to do a more tradition sour and let it age but have decided to do a kettle sour instead. But now how to exactly do that. My understanding is that I need to keep the wort around...
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    Lager Yeast Starter

    Made my first lager starter from liquid yeast. Have made several for ales but first for Lager and never had an issue. Made it last night as i always have and today nothing. 24 hours later. Do I just need to wait? I am using a stir plate and I the past after 24 hours I get a nice list yeast...
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    Setting up conical for brew day

    How long before brew day can I safely attach all my fittings to my stainless conical and sanitize before I brew? I am legging tonight or tomorrow and wanted to clean, sanitize and reattach everything for new brew on Saturday. I have a pressure gauge I can attach instead of blow off to keep...
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    Dual Probe Meat Thermometer

    Will these work for brewing? I have the compression probes that you inside your thermometer into and tighten down, not thermowells. On the instructions it mentions not using in water. Is there a reason for this? If not I considered buying thermowells. Should this then work? Hope I’m making...
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    Fermenting a lager for the 1st time

    Going to lager for the 1st time. I have a fridge I will be using along with a inkbird temp controller and a pad to heat with. My question is my fermentor doesn’t have a thermowell for the temp probe. I would assume the air temp is different than the temp of wort. Any ideas how to handle this?
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    Conical Cleaning/Sanitation question

    I have a spike stainless steel conical. Trying to figure out when is the best time to sanitize it. Currently after I am done fermenting I take it all apart cleaned it put it back together and then stick it in the corner until I’m ready to use it again. Then I take it all apart sanitize it and...
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    Co2 and bottling?

    I have a spike 10 gallon conical that I’m going to purchase a carb stone for. Question is if I put 5g in a keg and bottle 5g will beer stay carbonated in bottles? My other option is to carbonate the keg without the stone and use sugar (or carb drops) in bottle.
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    Harvesting yeast from conical with sight glass

    I have my Spike Brewing Conical set up with a butterfly valve attached to a 90deg elbow and then a sight glass that is capped off. I have only used for one brew and dump out the sight glass each time and did not save any yeast. Basically I added sort, pinched yeast and after a few days opened...
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    Pennsylvania 55lb 2 row crushed grain - $40

    A local brewery sold me a couple bags of grains and I didn’t realize they were crushed. Looking to sell one of the bags for $40. Local pickup only in Butler Pa.
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    DIY glycol Chiller

    I’ve been looking at building a Glycol chilller. I’ve seen some videos but haven’t found any real good tutorials. Does anyone have any suggestions/links they could share? Also does AC unit size matter? I found a 6500 BTU one for $20. I’m sure part of the issue is how big the unit is...
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    What size fridge??

    What size fridge/freezer would you think (minimum) you’d need for a 10 gallon spike fermentor? I just ordered and at some point either want their temp control package (heat and cooling is $375) or want a small fridge with temp control. I figure the fridge is probably cheaper but takes up more...
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    Pennsylvania Fast Ferment 14.9G - 175 OBO

    Used for 6 months but want to get a pretty stainless one. Includes 2 sample ports, leg extensions and thermometer (all extra). All retailed for $260. Asking $175 local pickup only in Butler PA. I don’t know how I’d ship it’s pretty big. FYI, I do have beer fermenting but I can transfer out...
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    Pennsylvania Filter system - $50

    Used but nothing wrong with it. Includes 4 filters (I forget how many microns but I believe they are 1 or 2) and attachment to back flush. Asking $50 plus local pickup or you pay shipping. Willing to talk price. These are generally over $50 just for the unit and you are getting the...
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    Pennsylvania 25’ Immersion Ciller - $30 OBO

    There’s nothing wrong with this I just moved up to a plate chiller. I don’t have the original box so I think shipping might be difficult but if you’re interested and are going to pay the shipping I can look into it. I am about and hour north of Pittsburgh Pa if interested. $30 OBO
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    2 Yeast Vial Question

    My next batch is a 9+ ABVIPA which calls for a yeast starter with 2 Vials. I recently bought a stir plate with a 2 L flask. Dear Smith tells me to make a 4 L starter for the two vials. Obviously I can’t fit that much liquid into one 2 L flask. My thoughts are I have two options. First is to do...
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    Washing Yeast

    This picture is result of watching YouTube videos to wash my yeast. Hoping someone can help. I’d rather keep one jar if possible instead of 3. I believe the white stuff on the bottom is true but in everything above is what I want so I don’t see how I can get to one jar of the three I have if...
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    Fermentation stopped

    Recently made a Chocolate Cherry Stout. Started at 1052 and added White Labs WLP004 that I created a 2l starter 3 days before hand in a growler with foil. I had a nice yeast cake at the bottom. I cold crashed while brewing and decanted before pitching. Gravity got to 1030 and stopped (recipe...
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    Refractometer Fogged up

    The inside lense fogged up and will not clear. I brewed in my garage and it was very cold yesterday but the garage was comfortable Anyone had this happen and will it eventually clear up?