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    Contactor install - cut holes or no

    It has been a while, but after nearly a year I am finally getting around to putting the pieces to this puzzle together. I am drilling out the control panel, and need some input on the contactor. I have a solid state contactor and the associated heat sink, do I need to cut the box so that the...
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    DME/cornsugar carbing in Keg

    Due to time constraints I have been sitting on a Saison in a carboy for 2 months, my original plan was the bottle and carb with DME/corn-sugar, but was thinking in the interest of saving time, just dump it in the keg, and add DME/corn-sugar, let it carb up and then either serve from keg, or...
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    Fruit in a "hot" saison

    I have a slight problem, I overshot my target OG by quite a few points, (i was under my estimate initially and tried to correct with boil off and way over shot) and the little yeast bastards have gone and done their job way too well and got down to the a nice low gravity. now the beer is very...
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    Welded bulkhead

    I am going to have a bulkhead welded into my boil pot, but I do not know how far from the bottom to put this, clearly it needs to be low, but is there any convention that is being used so that false bottoms, etc can be used if desired.
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    Which stainless grade

    A pretty straight forward questions, which grade of stainless is everybody using for their piping needs, 304 or 316? or does it matter?
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    Water Authority report

    I am brewing tomorrow, and in the last week or two I started to look into water profiles and water chemistry. I have been brewing with Poland Spring/similar for the past two years, normally cut with 50% or less of tap water, I had not given much thought to water before. But now that I am looking...
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    ITC-1000 12" probe connection Question

    I haven't seen this come up anywhere yet...if it has then I haven't found the right search terms. I am wiring up an ITC-1000, and using the 12"probe, the probe come with a 3.5mm male end, and a female adapter with two bare wires off the end. The female that comes with the probe is a whip, I am...
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    RIMS Kit

    I have been doing some research and am thinking of heading down the road of a RIMS tube. I am thinking something like a ~1600w 120v, I plan on still using my burner to heat strike water, so it will really be more to maintain temp, and maybe bring it up the final few degrees. I currently use a...
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    Milling grain and storage

    How long would it be estimated that pre-milled grain (at home, not LHBS, on my mill) could be stored without any ill effects? I am looking to brew soon, but limited on time, I can save some time by milling the grain one day, and vac sealing it, to then only have to open and mash. I...
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    Saison yeast

    I am looking to brew a Saison, doing some research looks like Wyeast's 3726 is a pretty good option. In my recipe creation I came across Omega Yeast labs, Belgian Farmhouse, as well as there C2C Farmhouse, and Saisonstein. Has anybody used any of these, there is no description on how they...
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    Bad Regulator

    It would seem my regulator sh*t the bed yesterday, or probably earlier. So i put two kegs on to carb up, knowing I was low on gas. Next free day off, maybe 3 days, go down to retrieve bottle to exchange, and it was empty. Disconnect the regulator, exchange gas... new bottle in hand reconnect...
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    Thoughts on a Red Rye

    I am going to do a Red Rye Ale, next, have built a recipe and I am about to head down the road of ordering and brewing ingredients. Any thoughts on percentage of flaked Rye in the grain bill? Currently I am at about 15%, which I know is high for a normal addition but as the idea is to be more...
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    Kitchen Sink

    This is less recipe advice more general discussion I guess, but I have a bunch of leftover ingredients, mix and match grain/hops, bought to much, didn't label correctly etc, over the past couple of years (before everyone freaks, they have been vacuum sealed) and need to make space, was going to...
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    Grapefruit-Habanero IPA help

    I have been enlisted to make some beer for my sister-in-laws wedding, which is awesome, however, they have requested a Grapefruit-Habanero IPA...not something i would normally make. Looking for any hints to this. Was leaning towards high citrus flavor hops, and maybe the habanero in a Randall...
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    Long Island Brewing

    Just doing some research, for all of those brewers on the Island how many live EAST of William Floyd Parkway? CR-46?
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    Critque please: Brown Ale

    OK, so, I plan to brew a beer that should be ready for when our baby is born in December. Want to go with a darker beer, but not a stout, toying around a bit with this recipe, just a start. So a brown with a fruity flavor I thought might be interesting. I like the bite/edge that the rye gives...
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    LARGE batch

    I have been home brewing for years, mostly 5 gallon batches, extract and all grain. Recently I was asked by a family member to brew beer for a wedding, they know that I normally only brew 5 gallon batches, so they are ok with that as long there is something. But does anybody know of anywhere...
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    Style vs Carb Level

    So I am getting ready to put my latest keg on to force carb, and was hoping to find a some sort of a style chart that lists the carb level associated. I have a sort of hybrid-esque beer that I am trying to decide what level to card to. It s a 6.5% IPA, lighter hop tones, citrusy, brewed with...
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    Carb help!!

    I kegged on friday, I'm in NY so shortly after the temp dropped out to 9 degrees outside. My kegerator is in my garage, no heat in the garage, so I estimate the temp in the kegerator ended up at 20 ish degrees. I had the pressure set at 8 to 9# which would be about sufficient at 36 degrees to...
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    Force carbing and aging

    I am, or have, brewed what i hope to be a session style IPA/PA, in a couple of days i will be racking to the keg from the secondary; I want to age it for a week or two at lease before i try to drink it. This is my first time force carbing, so my question is do you normally carb then age, or age...