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    California Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter w/ Rolling Stand + Accessories

    Selling a 7.9 gal Fast Ferment conical fermenter (basically new, only brewed 2-3 batches in it). Comes with all the accessories that came with it. I'm also selling a cart that I built for it (can be disassembled for easier storage). Really nice because you can wheel the fermenter around instead...
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    Coffee IPA help, add coffee to secondary

    I’m making a coffee ipa right now, and the recipe I’m using says to add the coffee cold brewed into the secondary. My question is do any of you see the real need for it to be added to the secondary? Or can I just add it at bottling time? I want to try several different styles of coffee, but...
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    Brewing small AG experimental batches in 5 gallon setup

    I've been contemplating doing some experimental batches. At the moment I'm planning on experimenting with some coffee IPAs but I am curious about scaling down batches in general. Currently I have an all grain setup (water cooler style) for 5 gallon batches. When doing experimental batches, say...
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    2000W heating element with a 15a plug

    I recently decided to upgrade the heating element in my heat stick to 2000w. At 120V, that puts me at 16.7A. However, I'm now realizing that the wire plug that I was using is rated for 15A. I also have a portable GFCI plug that I use in addition to the GFCI outlet (doubling down on the safety...
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    Kegged brew not staying fresh

    I recently brewed a pale ale (this one actually, ~5% ABV), which I then kegged and force carbed. At first, it tasted pretty good (I've made better but I was satisfied with it nonetheless). That was about 5 months ago (I'm surprised I still have as much left as I do but I've been drinking a lot...
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    CO2 issues when kegging

    I kegged for the first time and I'm not super satisfied with the results. The brew tastes flat. I tried turning up the CO2 a notch, but all that did was make it crazy foamy at first when it comes out of the tap. I had it at a point where it seemed carbonated initially, but after a couple minutes...
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    Keg sanitizing/filling process questions

    I'm making the move to kegging over bottling and I'm looking at the different processes for sanitizing/cleaning. As for sanitizing the keg and transferring from the fermenter, I'm finding two different methods. The first method being to simply fill the keg with sanitizing solution, drain...
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    Wearing a face mask when brewing

    I know the most important thing when brewing is sanitation. Also, our mouths are full of different kinds of bacteria (that I assume would love to set up shop in a fermenter). Is it recommended to wear a face mask when dealing with the wort after its cooled, or when dry hopping for instance?
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    Good easy homebrew for a group brew

    I've been home brewing for about 6 months now and have been pretty successful. I've got my coworkers excited about home brewing and now my boss has got the idea that we can do a group homebrew with the whole office. Part of this idea is to give out some of the beer to our clients (rather than...
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    Beer came out flat!

    Today was the long awaited day to open my Pliny clone that I made a month ago. I opened the first bottle and there was barely any carbonation! I did a couple things differently this time and I'm wondering if you guys have any thoughts. With this batch, I upgraded (or at least I thought it was...
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    Bubbles stopped after 6 hours

    I know, I know. I shouldn't be judging my fermentation based on the bubbles, but this seemed especially peculiar to me. Just to catch you up... I'm brewing a Belgian Tripel extract recipe from MoreBeer and everything went really smoothly (this is my third batch). I made a 2L starter (decanted...