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    What is your go to cider or cyser yeast?

    Bringing up an old thread. Yesterday I was over at the brulosophy house, and tasted some of his brews. One of which being a mixed berry cider that he used the danstar belle saison on. It was REALLY good. It came out to just about 8%, was very clear, crisp and flavorful. That was the one drink...
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    Cider on Nitro

    Are you done with this yet? LOL. I had the same thought about trying out a cider on nitro. I am looking forward to hear about the results.
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    Bittering with Bitter Melon?

    I have never had it in a brew. But when I lived in Okinawa, I ate that stuff all the time! It even works as a really great garnish for Awamori. Now you got me craving some goya champuru
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    Nitro Beers, Other Than Stout

    yup! already figured that one out. waiting for it to decarb now. LOL
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    Nitro Beers, Other Than Stout

    I am well versed in the nitro coffee. I plan on doing it in the very near future. Kegoutlet has a good e-book all about it. You need to use pure nitro though, not beer gas, or it will build up carbonic acid and taste terrible. Using a carb stone in the keg with pure nitro will still get you the...
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    Nitro Beers, Other Than Stout

    I do have a Scuplin IPA on tap right now. Maybe I'll switch it over and see how it goes.
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    Nitro Beers, Other Than Stout

    Hey guys, What types of beers are good on a nitro setup other than stouts? I don't have anything against stout, but I just got a new nitro setup and want to try something new.
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    Said in jest, SWMBO not amused

    I was home on vacation from work, got the infamous honey do list knocked out quick. It was about 10am and the wife asked me if she could pour me a drink. I replied with, "kind of early for that isn't it? ". Knowing me all too well she looked puzzled and asked "too early for a drink?"...
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    Adding accessories keggle, help with options

    I can't really answer your questions very well, as I'm new to all of this. But I have a keg at home I'm planning on turning into a keggle. I am planning on giving it the full norcal brewing treatment. Sight glass, thermometer, ball valve, dip tube and false bottom. In my mind, it all seems very...
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    Help With Taking Apart a Weird D Type Sanke Keg

    some are just threaded in there
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    Who's got the cheapest kegs shipped today?

    I got some refurb pin locks for $39/each + $9 flat rate shipping recently. From keg outlet
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    How often should I clean my lines

    I run some BLC through the system after every keg. Even though it is cold temp and closed system, there is still potential for beer stone to build up or beer lines to degrade.
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    Single Tier Strut Stand

    A quick visit to their website answered my own question. Brilliant idea, I really like it.
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    Single Tier Strut Stand

    Where did you get the struts and connectors from? Home Depot?
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    Pennsylvania Jaybird false bottom

    I'm interested as well. If previous deal falls through, let me know.
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    I have mine
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    Edelmentall to Natural Gas?

    Has anyone confirmed yet if the blichmann NG conversion works on the edalmetall?
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    My six tap 10.6 Igloo Keezer

    Looks killer! Great job! I recently built myself one with the same freezer. So much room for activities.
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    New kegs or new CO2?

    Beer line cleaner (BLC). Faucet brush. Extra o-rings and gaskets. I also have a keg line cleaning system that works well. Small pressurized container I fill with blc, then pump through the system.
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    Do I have to sparge?

    This thread has some outstanding information! Great job guys!