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    Overactive Starter

    So Im using Wyeast American Ale Yeast 1056. It was an older expired smackpack that I used a month ago for the last beer I made that turned out really well. I made a 1 liter starter and stepped it twice for that beer. It acted weird in that there was no krausen for the most part. Beer turned out...
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    Checking for CO2 Leak in used corny keg

    So I bought a used keg a few years ago, used it once but had to really slather on the keg lube to prevent it from leaking. I set it aside after that experience. My other two kegs were purchased new and work fine. So I decided to replace the pressure relief valve and buy an o-ring kit for the...
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    Acetaldehyde Clean Up Extract Brew

    So Ive probably broken a few rules of good practice on this one, and am wondering how to save it. I have a fastferment conical ferment system that I rarely ever make a bad brew with and a three keg keezer. My goal is to make a lawn mower (no hops added) 5 gallons of beer that the ladies will...
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    Dry Hopping in Keg

    So I have a FastFerment conical. When I changed out the collection ball on my last batch the valve was loose, and I had to keg prematurely (lost a litre of beer). As a result I filled my hop tube with citra and centennial pellets and threw them into the keg before I sealed it and carbed it. Beer...
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    Length of time for dry-hopping

    been brewing for years but new to kegging. I have read many posts about how long to dry hop. Some say 1 week is max or you will get a grassy taste. So I would normally follow that guideline. Throw a couple ounces in 1 week before bottling and strain them out at bottle bucket to avoid sludge and...
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    Reusing Slurrey from Stout to Amber

    I have been using slurry from our local microbrewery for about a year to make beer with muntons and coopers kits (malt in a can). The improvement in quality is awesome. The next step in my brewing experience is to harvest the slurry from the bottom of my carboy and repitch in my next batch. I...