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    1st pear cider from our tree.

    This was a test batch as i am not sure how these pears do making hard cider. they are delicious but not overly sweet and very juicy. (not sure what kind of pears) I just bottled 5 gallons and it fermented well. nice strong ferment from wild yeast. i was totally unprepared so i didnt have much to...
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    Small 4x4 cider press

    Built this small press for the pears out of scrap. It was a quick prototype. I notched the 4x4s with a chainsaw and nailed it all up. Tray is a piece of wood countertop. Not suree it will hold. Planning to use garbage disposal as i have in the past which hopefully i wont need to add too much...
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    Dandelion wine/acid blend goof

    So i decided to spend the time to make a one gallon batch of dandelion wine. I picked all the flowers, pulled all the petals off, steeped as my recipe called for, strain and filtered (twice) added the sugar, and then proceeded to put almost 4 tablespoons of acid blend in (recipe calls for 4...
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    Honey wheat graff

    Recipe that i created from gunslingers graff 1- 3.3lbs can muntons wheat lme 16oz crystal 120L 12oz special B 8oz roasted barley 8oz cherrywood smoked 4oz munich Cider from crab apples 1oz centennial @60min 1oz cascade @60min 1.5 cascade @20min
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    Apple butter cider

    I made spiced apple butter and used it in a 2 gal cider both must and apple butter were made with crab apples (atleast i think thats what kind they are)
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    Preventing over active fermentation

    I remember reading something about how fruit wines tend to bubble over while fermenting and a way to prevent it via additions but i cant find anything about it. Sent from my LG-MS770 using Home Brew mobile app
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    strawberry and raspberry concentrate

    So ive just been given a couple 5 gal buckets of concentrate...some strawberry some raspberry and im wondering how much wine a 5gal bucket of concentrate would make. So ive been reading and says 64oz concentrate will make 5gal. So one 5 gal bucket will make 50 gal? Does that sound right?
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    heinekin bottles caps not fitting right

    I have just bottled some homebrew. some in clear cider bottles (strongbow) and the others are in green heinekin bottles. The strongbow bottles capped fine and left a ring on the top of the cap as they usually do. With the heinekin bottles the caps didnt leave the ring and are loose enough to...
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    backsweetening and carbing

    I plan to use white sugar to prime bottles. I need to know how many cups per gallon to just prime a dry cider. I am going to backsweeten and pasteurize my bottles once carbed. Does anyone know how much sugar to backsweeten on top of the priming sugar. I saw 1/4 cup but not sure if.that was per...
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    red cedar cider press

    so I tweaked my cider press and decided to use a different method. instead of using my stainless steel stock pot. I decided to use some lattice in between the cheese but it is red cedar and I didn't even think it would flavor the cider....should I not be drinking this or is it fine to drink and...
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    Perry Cyser

    so i got ahold of 3 bushels of jonagold apples and 2 bushels of asian pears. i am trying to make a perry cyser but not sure how much honey to use. i read somewhere that asian pears have more un-fermentable sugars then most pears and it will leave a cider sweeter. because i am doing a cyser i am...
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    Bottling in milk jug style bottles

    could i bottle mead in milk jug style bottles. was thinking of getting some quart and pink sizes. has anyone ever done this? similar to these
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    Peach cider!

    so i got a seasonal job at a fruit farm as a cider bottler and i also work over in the the peach butter plant. after we are done prepping the peaches there are piles of peach pulp on the floor. this includes pits,peach pulp and peach halves. I asked what they use it for an they said they just...
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    55 gallon metal drum for fermenting

    I have a food grade metal drum could i use that to ferment in? It was used for welches grape juice concentrate
  15. K

    55 gal food grade metal drum for fermenter

    Can i use a food grade 55gal steel drum for a fermenter? It was used for welches grape juice
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    want to start a meadery in PA

    So ive been doing alot of thinking about starting a meadery. I am right outside of lancaster county, in chester county. Now i have the lincesing paperwork and i plan to get a permit for farmers markets because there are so many around. I have very little budget and that is my problem as of right...
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    corny keg flow problem

    okay so i havnt used my corny keg in awhile, yesterday i was cleaning it out and i run pbw through the lines after take everything apart and clean it. then i run sanitizer though the lines. heres my not getting any flow. it was about half full with starsan and for it to dispense at...
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    how do you bottle your mead?

    Let us know how you bottle! What bottles you use, what corker if any....labels? Etc.
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    first all grain in awhile. I have questions. Mashing/grain ratio mistake

    so ive brewed all grain quite a few time before but since my equipment was defunct i havnt in awhile. since then i bought a 10 gal. 3 tier all grain setup with a false bottom.(in mashtun) i have always used a homemade "false bottom" made out of copper and i have never had any problems...
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    brewing 5gal on a 10gal system

    I'm upgrading to a 10gallon all grain system. But I have the materials to brew 5 gallons. Really my only concern is the mash tun. They are the Rubbermaid coolers. Should I stick with my 5 gallon mash tun or can I use my new 10gal to brew 5gal?