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    Hot wort into SS brewtech uniutank

    Has anyone used their ss brewtech unitank to chill their wort? I thought about doing this as the hot wort I figured would also sanitize the conical.
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    Brau Supply Unitank Pro

    Does anyone have this bad boy? Or have seen any videos of a brew day on it? I’m dying to see it in action.
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    Keg fridge in garage

    Im looking to put a keg fridge in my attached garage which isn’t insulated. In the winter its not a problem but in the summer it gets pretty hot in the NYC area. Anyone have a keg fridge in an uninsulated garage? If so any problem or suggestions? The reason I want it in the garage is because...
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    Efficiency Mash to Boil to Fermenter

    Why does the efficiency drop from your mash to after your boil?
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    Robobrew Brewzilla 65L

    Has anyone seen this bad boy yet? Would any of you who own or have brewed on a Robobrew go for a larger setup from them?