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    eHERMS build thread

    Bit of a ways off on the total build since I'm going piece by piece but I might as well start here. The plan is to have an upside down keg for the mash tun, keggle HLT with stainless steel HERMS and a 5000 watt electric burner. Still havent decided on pumps yet, either buying chugger pumps or...
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    Vermont Where to buy 1/2 barrel kegs

    So I've been interested in legally buying 1/2 barrel kegs for swapping to an electric system. I figured I'd open this up and post locations to legally buy kegs for a low cost. Here's where I got mine. VT, Burlington - Switchback Brewery - $30
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    Sap beers

    Does anyone use maple sap to replace LME? What I was thinking was boiling down sap until I reach an acceptable gravity, using maybe a pound or so of specialty malts, and lightly hopping.
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    I'm in the process of building a small brew lab in the basement, and one of the things I'm considering is a digital microscope. Now to preface, I do not need one, and it's unlikely that I'll use it to the fullest potential. It would just interest me when making starters, rinsing and harvesting...
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    Starters: how soon is too soon?

    Let me preface my question with my tight schedule. I travel for work for 10 day shifts, I will be home Wednesday. I have one boil planned Thursday, and one Friday. Saturday and Sunday I will be on my sailboat, likely for the last run of the season. Monday I'm gone again for another 10 day...