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  1. J

    Keg is carbonated but the beer isn’t

    I have no idea what is wrong. I have a keg of beer that has been carbonating for over two weeks now. The beer flows well out of the tap. I measured the pressure with a spund and it registered 14 psi which is what I upped my co2 to a couple of days ago in case it was a gauge problem. I have...
  2. J

    Cold crashing outside.

    Hi l made a red ale on February 12. I transferred it to a keg feb 26. I am cold crashing it today because it is warm (-2C now, up to +1C this afternoon). It will be -4C at 11pm, and to -9C overnight. About how long should I leave it outside for. My basement is +8C. When I bring it in I think I...
  3. J

    Mixing crystal malts

    I have about a kilo each of crystal 20 and crystal 160. Could I do a mix of both to get say crystal 40 or 60? Thanks
  4. J

    Beer coming out gas line when qd disconnected

    I am having a lot of trouble with my second keg. My first went fine. I bought four used kegs and they are all different. They are pin lock. One doesn’t hold water upside down because the top has a wobble bigger than the lid and new o-ring can seal. The other three seem to hold gas. The one I am...
  5. J

    Second hot break

    I was brewing a smash ale today. I have never gotten a full 19 litres from a batch (I have only done 7), because I have an 8 gallon electric kettle with a 4500 element. I fill as high as I can and am right on the heater rheostat to turn it down as the hot break rises, and up again as it falls...
  6. J

    Cooling between kegerator and tower

    Hi all, after doing all measurements, and convincing I purchased a tower kegerator to fit in under utilized cabinet in the kitchen, so I could have the tower on the bar above the counter. It is not as easy to fit as I thought and does not have the 3 inch airspace all around. So I am thinking of...
  7. J

    Canadian Kegerator Question

    Hi all, after reading Bobby M's Kef force carbing methods, I have decided to go the kegging route. I am seven batches in and have not perfected the sugar (I use maple syrup) bottle carb system. Does anyone have experience with the costco danby kegerator or Dbestbuy insignia-1-tap-kegerator? Thanks
  8. J

    suspended threads in wort

    Hi. I have made three brews so far. The first I had a lot of help from this forum and it went pretty well, but I didn't add enough maple syrup at bottling so there wasn't much head. The second went pretty well. was a little rough after two weeks in the bottle, but now is three weeks and is...
  9. J

    Crystal malts

    White labs has a IPA recipe that uses 1 lb 13 oz of crystal 60 and the same amount of crystal 120. What would be the difference if I used 3 lbs 10 oz (same total quantity) of crystal 120?
  10. J

    Fermenting temperature

    Hello all, I have decided to start a small home brew operation and I have learned a lot from reading this forum. I have the green light to brew in our unfinished basement. It is a constant 9-11 degrees celcius winter and summer. Can I ferment the beer in this temperature? Is there a yeast that...