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    Rye Brown Ale

    I'm putting together a recipe. Here is what I have so far. 8 gallon batch 12 Maris Otter 1.5 lbs rye malt 1lb aromatic malt 1lb Crystal Rye 1lb chocolate rye 1oz cenntenel @60 1oz cenntenel @15 1oz cenntenel @0 I've never used Crystal Rye or chocolate rye. Any advice?
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    Brown Ale Feed Back

    I'm brewing this weekend and I'm thinking about this recipe. 77% maris otter 6% c120 malt 5% chocolate malt 4% victory malt 4% flaked oats 3% brown malt .5oz bravo @ 60 1oz EKG @10 Us05 Any suggestions?
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    What's your favorite style

    Mine is American Brown Ale. I have a house recipe I keep on tap at all times.
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    Sanitizing Coffee

    I'm planning on brewing a coffee stout and I want to add cold brewed coffee when I'm kegging. How do I sanitize the coffee?
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    K97 yeast

    I'm using this yeast for the 1st time. I have noticed a strong smell when I open my fermentation chamber. It's not sulfur I can't really put my finger on it. Anyone have the same experience?
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    Which BJCP Catagery

    I'm brewing a American dark wheat beer. It has a srm of 23, 25 ibus, and 5.7 abv. I'm using Wlp 001. What do you guys think.
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    American Robust Porter

    I've been brewing for about 5 years now and I found my approach has changed. When I started I would brew a different recipe every time. About 3 year ago I started making my own recipes. That lead my to now brewing 1 style tweaking it until I get it right where I want it. Now I'm on to American...
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    No Hops

    I have 1st year Columbus plants and 3rd year Cenntenel plants. The past years the cenntenel have produced well. This year the vine look great and are 15ft tall but not hops at all. The Columbus plants are loaded. I'm lost any ideas?
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    Longshot Competition

    Anyone enter? I did for the 1st time. Looking forward to the feed back. Anyone have any idea how many beers are entered?
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    Red X Malt

    I just got some red x malt. I'm planning on a red wheat ipa. 75% red x and 25% wheat. Anyone have any experience with red x?
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    10 Gallon Batches

    I just got a kegel. I planning on doing some of the beers I have on tap all the time in 10 gallon batches. I'm a all grain brewer. Anything I should know when stepping up from 5 gallon batches.
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    10 Gallon Batchs

    Just got a kegel and plan on doing some 10 gallon batchs. I have a few beers I brew often and those are the ones that I will stepping up. Anything I should know when stepping up batch sizes?
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    Hop Combo

    I was thinking about mixing cascade and east kent goldind. Anyone try this combo if so how did ot turn out. Thanks
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    Brown Ale Grain Bill

    I have been trying to come up with a solid brown ale. Sometimes I to make my house ale. Something like pig's ear brown. I'm thinking 80% maris otter 5% amber malt 6% brown malt 5% c60 4% pale chocolate I like all of these malts just not sure how they will be together. Any thoughts?
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    Caribou slobber addition

    I was thinking of adding some cascade hops at flameout to Northern Brewer's caribou slobber kit. Has anyone ever tried this? If so how did it turn out. Thanks
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    Brown Malt

    I'm putting together a English Brown ale. I was thinking about using 10% brown malt. I really haven't used brown malt that often and I'm not sure if that will over power the beer in that quonity. Any advice? Thanks
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    Beer BBQ Sauce

    I'm looking for a BBQ sause recipe made with beer. Anyone have one they like?
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    Light Carastan

    I have a recipe that call for light carastan. But I local homebrew shop can't get it. I was thinking caramunich as a substitute. Not sure how close it will be. Any advice
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    pig's ear brown ale

    Anyone have a all grain clone recipe. I had 1 on tap last night and really enjoyed it.
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    I haven't used any Belgian strains so this maybe a silly question. Do I need to treat them as a sour strain when it comes to equipment? Meaning separate equipment so it doesn't infect other brews. Thanks