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  1. J

    Sold Grainfather Connect with Camlock $150 in Extras, $650 Firm

    Well cared for Grainfather Connect with $150 in extras. If you've been looking for an all-in-one unit, I'd like to pass this on to you. Extras include: + Camlock conversion (40$) value) + Graincoat (50$ value) + Dolly so you can roll it around (25$ value) + Overflow filter (10$ value) +...
  2. J

    Safely pressure fermenting with Spike Flex+

    I’m looking for a recommended setup which incorporates both a 15 psi PRV and a spunding valve for safely doing pressure fermentation with the Spike Flex+. I am considering drilling and tapping the cooling coil top to 1/4 NPT and installing the PRV there and then having the spunding valve on the...
  3. J

    Virginia SS Brewtech 7 Gal BME Chronical with FTSS2 for sale or trade

    I have a 7 gallon chronical that has been modified to BME specs with heating and cooling. I am selling because I don't use the features it offers like ability to collect yeast. I would consider trading for a brewbucket with FTSS2 or a Spike+ fermenter. I am firm at $500 with local pickup in...
  4. J

    Virginia 15 Gallon Kettle with False Bottom

    15 Gallon edelmettal kettle originally used for propane brewing and later punched out for electric biab brewing. It comes with a brewhardware false bottom. Features include a tangential whirlpool port, removable dip tube and thermometer. The holes are punched for 1.5TC weldless bulkhead...
  5. J

    Punching hole in bag for kettle side return port

    I have a return port in the side of my kettle I also use for my steam condenser. I’m thinking about using a hollow punch to create a nice round hole to feed through a silicone hose from my recirculation port into the bag. It is very high up and absolutely no chance of grain going through the...
  6. J

    Virginia Wanted to trade for 1$, 7 gallon chronicle with FTSS2 for Brewbucket with FTSS2

    Probably a long shot but a good deal for someone. I have 2 other brew buckets and I just don’t use the features of the chronical and would prefer to have 3 brewbuckets. The fermenter has been modified with an internal chiller coil. What I need from you is the brew bucket, coil, and neoprene...
  7. J

    Oxidation when changing blow off cane/airlock

    When I've had my beers judged, there has been feedback there is oxidation. I always do a closed transfer so I must be introducing oxygen when swapping fittings or through my airlock when cold crashing. I use blow off canes on my conical fermenters and when I cold crash or close transfer to a...
  8. J

    Virginia Edelmetall Bru Burner and Propane Tank

    Going electric no longer needed. 100$
  9. J

    Using a tap for .....water?

    i got 4 taps on my beer fridge and rarely have 4 kegs. Wondering if I could hook into the ice maker valve and dispense water. Don’t know what sort of pressure is involved and if it’s a good idea but wondering.
  10. J

    2 Vessel Electric Brewing

    I'm planning the switch to electric brewing and started looking into recirculating eBIAB. I like the approach, but came across 2 vessel brewing which I hadn't heard of. What I like about it is there's no need to lift and strain a bag and has higher efficiency. This video shows a 1BBL setup...
  11. J

    Please help. Wife made me do PowerPoint for electric brewery budget approval

    I'm an AG brewer of 7 years and been in the garage with propane. We are moving to a house with a detached garage and there’s no running water and it’s not practical to run stuff back and forth inside to clean. Bottom line I can’t brew until I get an indoor electric brewing solution. She’s on...
  12. J

    1 Vessel Electric Brewing

    I'm looking to switch to electric and want to understand why single vessel setups are referred to as BIAB. I currently have 2 coolers, a 15 gallon kettle, 2 chugger pumps, a plate chiller and a propane burner. I heat my water in the kettle and use it for mash and sparge water. I do pretty...
  13. J

    Do I need a controller

    I’m looking to switch to electric brewing and want to convert my kettle over. Can’t I just get a 5500watt element and monitor temps myself and turn off when I hit it? That’s what I do now with propane. Why do I need the SS Brewtech controller?
  14. J

    Is this hobby killing us?

    I LOVE brewing beer and I love drinking it. I have a few of my home brews every day and there is always that nagging feeling I should cut down. Over the last 5 years doing this nothing in my annual physical blood tests have revealed any problems. I do worry though. Between all the extra...
  15. J

    Add salts just to mash water or entire water volume

    I've only been treating my mash water. Should I be treating all my water used in the brew day or just the mash water?
  16. J

    Calculating Nutritional Values for MyFitnessPal

    Beersmith does a nice job of calculating calories, but I'm also interested in "macro" breakdown for carbs and protein so I can put it in MyFitnessPal. Is there a reasonable way to come up with carbs and protein numbers?
  17. J

    Who's Brewing for freedom this 4th?

    I'm brewing an American IPA😀
  18. J

    BeerSmith Water Profile Volume--Should I use mash water volume only?

    I'm using BeerSmith water profile tool and I've created custom water profiles with additions saved to them based on my water. On previous brews, I've been adding the salts only to the water in the mash tun. So for a 5 gallon batch, that's about 3 gallons. I noticed that when you add the...
  19. J

    Travel Schedule and Dry Hopping and Gelatin

    I have a 8.5% IPA that's been in the yeast for 2 weeks and is done. It needs a week of dry hopping after which I'd typically cold crash and add gelatin in the keg (closed transfer). I've got only 5 days until I travel for 2 weeks. What's the best way to handle this? I'm thinking of...
  20. J

    Anderson valley cream ale recipe

    Anyone got a nice cream ale recipe that tastes a bit like a cream soda?