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    Moving to Sheboygan/ Anyone want to brew sometime?

    Looking to meet some people in Sheboygan to hang out with and brew. I am moving up there for a job at the Edgewater Power Plant. Heading up thursday for a plant tour and drug screen on friday. Looking for a home or apartment for rent as well. I think it will be a fun place, and Milwaukee will be...
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    yeast cake any good (6weeks in 2liter bottle)no signs of ferm

    So from my second batch of beer I saved some or all yeast cake of a batch fermed with WLP001. It has been in the fridge since december 12th. Roughly 2 or 3 cups of yeast. I made a strong stout, 1.090 and was able to get 4 gallons of a lighter batch at 1.048. I pitched 3/4 of the slurry on big...
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    black patent/roasted barley same thing?(about to mash)

    I am about to make a founder's breakfast stout and it calls for .75 lb of roasted barley and 9 oz of black patent. Are they close to the same thing? If not can someone offer me a suggestion for a substitute? I have a lot of special grains. I also will have to substitute the hops, I was thinking...
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    Dark Lord Day 2011

    I contacted Lincoln Anderson at 3 Floyd's about DLD 2001 and this what he said."We haven't finalized anything but should have some info on in the next week or so. That's the best I can give you right now." So I will be keeping watch to see if ticket sales start soon. If anyone...
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    OG? just mashed/currently starting my boil/help

    Grain bill 2lb of 60L crystal, added to mash for 15min, then added in 12lb Rahr 2 row base. I mashed for a 1hr 15min at 155 deg. I just took a gravity reading and it was 1.050, I thought this was a little low. anyone know what this efficiency would be? This is my third batch of beer. My first...
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    Air compressor aeration

    I've been reading a lot about aeration. I bought a disposable o2 tank from lowes but started having trouble finding a good regulator. There was one on ebay that sells and ships for$15 total, but wasn't sure if it was compatible. Plus I read a lot of people said the tanks didn't last long at all...