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    Brew Stand Liquid Plumbing Valve Check

    Hello, (I had this in the DIY Section buried in Brew Stands but was not getting any responses... so I figured I would move it here before I order the items). I'm looking to modify my system to stop moving my liquid lines around during my brew day. (Call me lazy, and/or don't want to burn...
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    Brew Stand Liquid Plumbing Check

    Please Delete. Wrong subforum. Thanks!
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    Plumbing Sanity Check

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my system to prevent me moving my liquid lines around during my brew day. Attached is a picture of what I'm thinking. Since I have stout 20 gallon kettles, everything would be tri clamp and looking at the 1" tees for my bcs probes and 1" 3 way ball valves to...
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    Sparge Arm

    Hello, I'm looking to automate the flow during my mashout. I currently have a single tier stand, with 3x 20 gallon Stout Tank kettles, 2 pumps, ran off of a BCS 460 with low pressure propane. The two options I have are: Blichmann Autosparge MoreBeer Ultimate Sparge Arm and then add...
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    Single Tier Brutus CO / TX

    Hello, Looking for a single tier setup from someone changing out their system or getting out of the hobby. Was looking to build a Brutus 10 clone with a BCS controller. Why build it when I can modify something already welded together! Moving to Colorado Springs, CO but will also will...