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    Question About Using Bread Yeast

    Hi, I was just wondering what bread yeast tops out at alcohol wise. Or if anyone has general info about using bread yeast to brew with. Thanks! Jennifer
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    Welch's Wine but no Champagne Yeast!

    Hey, thanks for the link gatus, made a copy of it. Looks like I didn't make too bad of a choice. It is comparable to Lalvin EC-1118 which is what I found others using. I'll keep the Lalvin 71B-1122 for next time. Appreciate the input folks, Jennifer
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    Welch's Wine but no Champagne Yeast!

    I thought I had some champagne yeast, but no. So I am going to use some of the Red Star Premier Cuvee instead. Also considered: Lalvin 71B-1122 Red Star Cote des Blancs We'll see how it turns out. Everything is an experiment anyhow! :mug: Jennifer
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    Infected DJ

    Along those lines you might just use a pressure canner, they come in very large sizes and could be easier to borrow. Jennifer
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    Infected DJ

    Hi, I bought four DJ's at an estate sale and had to clean out some bugs, pens, paper, and many years of grime. I used very hot water with a dish detergent bleach mix. Afterward I aged my elderberry wine in them with no problems at all. If you are worried about the bleach remaining I...
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    Fermenting coca-cola or pepsi

    I suppose you could try it with the cola flavoring you buy to make your own. I don't know what you would use for the 'base'. Yes, I have wondered about it too. Jennifer
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    Apfelwein: Reusing Yeast

    Cool! That's kinda what I figured too, or I wouldn't have done it. I am very careful about sanitation too. We'll just roll with it and then get overstocked on Apfelwein too. Thank you very much, Jennifer
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    Apfelwein: Reusing Yeast

    What are the consequences of continually adding apple juice to the old sediment (not clarifying the old yeast)? Will it affect the flavor? Just wondering, because that is what I just did. Wanted to see what would happen. Maybe I'll just keep the experiment going unless the flavor begins...
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    Husband Dumps Out Store Bought

    uh, no. Maybe try Craigs List or something. They're getting pretty good with cloning these days, but I wouldn't want to unleash any carbon copies of me on the world. Enough trouble already. ;)
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    Husband Dumps Out Store Bought

    This is funny. My husband bought an assortment of beers from around the world and I don't know how many he has tried and dumped. He says my beers are way better. This must be true, because I would never drink the stuff from the stores. Now I am a beer drinker! :) Jennifer
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    #4 is going to town right now. This is the airlock --> :rockin: 11227 + 5 = 11232
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Anybody just keep dumping new apple juice onto the yeast from the former batches? I did this time on a lark, and it is happily bubbling away. How will this practice work out in the long run? Thanks, Jennifer
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    Record Your Message On A Beer Can

    Hi folks, Taking a chance that maybe you've seen this before but while I was indulging one of my other favorite hobbies I found this: direct to beer mastering - the sound of the pro's and thought of ya'll. :mug: Jennifer
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    Freezer Death Forces Wine Making & Dumb Mistakes

    Alrighty, two packets of yeast and some water later we're on our way to strawberry wine. Thank you Summersolstice and Lakeeriebrew for your help. I've never been one to shy away from an experiment so that's what we'll call this batch. Jennifer
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    Freezer Death Forces Wine Making & Dumb Mistakes

    Oh! A ten gallon batch! Sure hope it tastes as good as it smells. Thankfully I have several carboys. Just not as much floor space. Well, cool. Should I increase the other stuff like the tannin, acid blend, campden, pectic enzyme, or yeast? Thanks a bunch, Jennifer
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    A Short Word Of Encouragement: Flat Beer

    Hi, last spring I used a nondescript, hodgepodge beer kit from the local brew shop to make a wheat ale. When it was finished it had almost no head and had what I would describe as an unpleasant edge to it. Now, almost nine months later it pours into the glass and foams so much you get...
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    Freezer Death Forces Wine Making & Dumb Mistakes

    Okay, the hydrometer is floating so high in the tube that the chart is about a half an inch above the fluid. So add water? :o Thanks, Jennifer
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    Freezer Death Forces Wine Making & Dumb Mistakes

    Hi, freezer died yesterday forcing me to make the strawberry wine that I had put off. Being exhausted from a very long workday I had a brain fart on the recipe. I suspect it isn’t disastrous, but would like your input. Here is what I made: 27 lbs strawberries 17 lbs sugar 5 tsp acid...
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    What Is Wine Conditioner?

    I have purchased it and used it but is there a cheaper version available? What is the stuff made of? Thanks, Jennifer