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    Virginia 3 80 qt Concord Stainless Kettles, Gas Blichmann Tower of Power, and Jaded Hydra Immersion chiller

    I took a hiatus from the hobby for a couple of years and have recently ordered an Anvil Foundry as a way to simplify my setup a bit so I am getting rid of some gear. I have 3 80qt Stainless Steel Concord Kettles for sale as shown below. All three have a valve, dip tube, and sightglass...
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    Virginia Chugger Pump, Greenlee Punch and Step Bit

    Chugger Pump with Stainless Center Inlet head SOLD Greenlee 730bb 13/16 punch $40 This is the punch Kal recommends for punching holes in your kettles to install ball valves. Has only been used to punch 8 holes, and is practically new. Greenlee 36414 Step Bit $40 This is the step bit Kal...
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    Large space under false bottom

    I recently upgraded from an Igloo cooler to a 20 Gallon Concord kettle with a [Jaybird false bottom](*1ecb0544a80ad843761124a77f9fe5a9fc&ss_parm=Ab0b1a72c8d136e47da331b3b02c7fa6b). The false bottom sits pretty...
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    Virginia Kal Clone panel kit for sale - $1,050

    Kal Clone panel kit for sale - $1,050 I bought all of the parts to assemble a Kal clone panel a few months back, but don't have the time to assemble it. Also, since we are going to move in 2-3 years, I've decided to wait so I don't have to plumb/wire this basement to...
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    Kal clone panel

    Looking to buy a Kal clone panel. Pm me if you have one you'd like to get rid of.
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    Small batches on Kal clone?

    In the process of planning a Kal clone build. Have any of you guys done 2.5-3 gallon batches on one? I would like to try and brew small "pilot batches" so I can brew more often, and tweak recipes before brewing a full 5-10 gallon batch. How much wort does it generally take to cover the BK...
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    Electric brewing outside?

    I'm in the very early stages of planning an electric build, most likely a Kal clone. It seems like the most convenient and efficient way for me to brew. The only worry I have is that during spring and summer I occasionally like to invite friends over to brew, grill, drink, play cornhole, etc...
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    VA Craft Brewers Fest August 23rd

    Next Saturday, the 23rd, is the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest at Devils Backbone in Roseland. I went last year and really enjoyed it. "Looking for the perfect way to wrap up Virginia Craft Beer month? Then join us at the 3rd annual Virginia Craft Brewers Fest on...