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    Changing size of Kombucha Fermenter - Old Mother Disappeared

    Ok, I'll give it a go. Thanks for the advice.
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    Changing size of Kombucha Fermenter - Old Mother Disappeared

    "20-25% of your next batch" Wow! That's quite a component, I've been booching now for about 8 months now and always use 10-15%. Should I be upping my starter amount?
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    Taking it to the Next Level?

    So, after 8 months I've now managed to scale up to 25L of Kombucha a week and IMO perfected the 2nd stage carbonation process. I stick with a pretty boring ingredient list of Ginger, Turmeric and Lemongrass. All up my 25L batch takes 7 days for the 1st ferment and 5 days for the second ferment...
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    To Ginger or not to Ginger?

    Clever. Great idea. One question however, I note that you take out the SCOBY and some starter (obviously for your next batch)...But why into an airtight container? Does this retard the SCOBY growth and "maintain" it a neutral state? If its only to sit for 5 or 6 days until the next batch, surely...
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    Using Rooibos

    ...this is great info...I just myself started a 100% Rooibos ferment the other day, I'll monitor closely and possibly leave a little longer?
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    I want to make high alcohol Kombucha

    I was pointed in the direction of "Champagne" Yeast.
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    Question on F2 in Fermentor

    ....if you've set your PRV @ 25psi......and assuming you're not going to transfer to your bottles at pressure. Do you plan to release the pressure (of course the brew will retain partial CO2) and then rebottle at 1ATM. Intriguing? Of course if your 2nd stage fermenter is at room temp when you...
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    To Ginger or not to Ginger?

    Great, I've a few other issues I now need to deal with as well. Onward and upward.
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    To Ginger or not to Ginger?

    Hi all, new member here. So I've been bitten by the "Booch" bug and have a little drama. I've near perfected my recipe, however I'd like to make one more tweak. As I currently add my mashed ginger to the 2nd ferment. Therefore, when I then consume, I have to deal with the straining issue of...