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    Award Winning Beer w/Home Brew Equipment

    Let me start with, I'm new to brewing. I started back in August of last year with an extract kit like so many do. It came out decent. As an avid reader and learning I jumped in to all grain brewing on my next batch and did a breakfast stout that came out good. So I've done another three all...
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    Yeast for an Old Ale

    I'm looking to brew an old ale for my next batch. Thinking about an Old Curmudgeon clone style. That one calls for an American ale yeast or it references WLP060. I'm thinking of trying WLP060 as I've never used it. Any experience using that in an old ale? Any others you think would be far...
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    Amazon Deal on Inkbird ITC-308 Temp Controller $25

    Just passing along to all the brew buds on the forum here. Deal won't last long.