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    Hops in cider

    My son had been after me for some time to make a batch of cider, so last month, I made a batch using a can of Brewmaster concentrate. The can was ostensibly for 22 liters, I only made it up to 15, and added 300 g each of dextrose and beet sugar, for an OG of 1.045. For yeast, I used the yeast...
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    Simple brewing software

    To keep up my programming skills, I've written a program to calculate gravities and estimate final abv based on the ingredients. It works in either English or metric scales, and in SG units or degrees Plato. On a second page, it can also do hydrometer reading temperature corrections for...
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    Too-dark beer

    As T.S. Elliot put it, "Dark, dark dark. They all go into the dark." I've brewed over 20 batches now, including extract, partial-mash and all-grain, and they all have one thing in common: they're all amber or darker, even those consisting almost entirely of 3 EBC Pilsner malt - such that...
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    Bottle priming method

    I've been using a method of priming my bottles for a while now that I haven't been able to find mentioned here or in any of the how-to books that I've read, so I thought I'd share it in case anybody else finds it useful, and on the off-chance that nobody's thought of it before. I don't like...
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    Hydrometer corrections: a black art?

    Mostly for my own amusement, and as an exercise to maintain my rusty programming skills, I recently wrote one of those programs to predict S.G. as a function of the grain bill. It was when I attempted to incorporate hydrometer temperature corrections that I ran into trouble. Now, I dare say I'm...