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    Thar she blows!!!

    Here's a couple pictures of my imperial stout. Starting gravity of 1.097. 2 packs of s-04 in each carboy. Fermentation is out of control. After the first picture I cleaned up the mess and put a casserole pan under the pitcher I'm using for blow off. When I woke up this morning is when I took...
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    Is this mold?

    This is white, about 1/4 inch thick, and has showed up within the last month. The beer is a flemish red so there are bugs in it. I have 2 other sours but neither one look like this. Also this is the only one with just tin foil instead of an airlock.
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    Mead maturation

    Hi, how are ya, noob here with maby a noob question. ,I was wondering if there its any benefit to long term aging in the carboy rather than bottle when gravity its stable and letting the mead age in the bottle.