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    Question Of Collecting Yeast From SS Brewtech Chronical

    I have an SS Brewtech 7 gallon Chronical. I have only brewed and fermented with it once so far. When I used the dump valve, the 3/4" ball valve, attached to a 90 degree elbow, after day two of fermentation I got about 30-40% trub and 60-70% beer. I always do a whirlpool and let it settle for...
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    SS BrewTech Chronical First Time Use

    So, I had been visiting SS BrewTech's website daily for a week or so checking out their Brew Bucket. That is what I was intending to purchase in the upcoming month. It wasn't the Chronical, but I thought for $195 I couldn't go wrong. I checked out their Chronical and as far as conicals go the...
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    First Saison with WLP565

    Tonight I just tapped my first Saison brewed with WLP565. I have heard and read many a horror stories about using this yeast. So much so, that I was nervous to try and use this yeast with a Saison, I have been using WY3711 French Saison for my Saisons, which still came out wonderful. WY3711...
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    Blichmann Beer Gun - First Use

    This last Wednesday I used my Blichmann Beer Gun for the first time, I bottled 4 X 16oz bottles to take over to my Dad, my brew partner. It really couldn't have been easier to use. After reading a lot of posts on here where people chill the bottles they are going to fill, to reduce foam when...
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    Stone IPA - My Attempt At A Clone

    My latest brew was the Stone IPA recipe from Mitch Steele's IPA book. For the most part I have been brewing recipes from Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing and Brewing Classic Styles. Last year I brewed a Pliny clone, and while it came out wonderful, I do not have Pliny in my area so I was not able...
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    Northern Brewer - Steelhead Pump - First Use

    This weekend I used my Northern Brewer Steelhead pump for the first time, it is also the first time I have whirlpooled my wort. I initially bought the pump to do whirlpool chilling with my immersion chiller, but in the near future I plan on also using it for transferring liquid, mash...