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    Pennsylvania (39) old fliptop Grolsch bottles for sale

    I have 39 old fliptop grolsch bottles for sale. $50 Or best offer. Pictures available upon request Located in Bethlehem (Lehigh Valley), Pennsylvania..
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    Pennsylvania Beer and Wine making Equipment

    I'm clearing out my basement and have a whole bunch of beer and wine making stuff. (2) 15 gallon cut boil kegs $75 ea (3) 15 gallon stainless steel boil pots $50 ea (1) 9.5 gallon boil pot with valve $40 (1) 57 gallon barrel with port (no valve) $275 (15) 5 gallon glass carboys $20 ea (1)...
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    Pennsylvania (6) Pin Lock Corny kegs available $45 ea.

    Located in Bethlehem, Pa. I have (6) Pin Lock Corny Kegs available. $200 for ALL 6 kegs Cleaned with new gaskets. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking..
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    Pennsylvania FS: 5 gallon Pin lock Kegs (4 available)

    I have 4 kegs available they have new seals.. $50 each.. Pictures coming soon.. Located in Bethlehem, PA
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    Pennsylvania Beer / Wine making Supplies

    I'm selling off supplies I no longer need: Better Bottles: (8) 3 Gallon $15 ea (8) 5 Gallon $18 ea Wine Barrels: (red) (6) 5 gallon barrels $100 ea (1) 15 gallon $140 ea (1) 20 gallon $200 ea (4) 32 gallon $250 ea Bottles: 375 ml bottles (24 ea case) (4) cases clear $25 ea. (4)...
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    Pennsylvania FS/FT: 50 Gallon stainless steel Pot $350

    FS: 50 Gallon Stainless Steel Pot with (2) Lids.. I bought this pot and decided to go a different direction. This NON Magnetic pot is too large for what I'd like to use it for. Asking $350 Willing to take trades, Looking for a combination of the following items. March pumps Counterflow...
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    FT: Half Acre Cans and other goodies

    I have the following available for trade : Half Acre Daisy Cutter Half Acre Gone away Creature Comfort Tropicalia Allagash Nancy Allagash Farm to Face ISO: Hop Drop and Roll Tree House Julius or other cans Le Cumbre Elvated IPA or Dank Project Alpine Nelson or Hoppy Birthday Jackie...
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    Infusing Chocolate flavor Into mead.

    Hi.. I have a few pounds of Cocoa Nibs and wanted to know if anyone has some advice on how to get chocolate flavor into a mead. How long should I age the mead on the nibs? Other methods? TIA...
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    FS: Scobys

    I have a bunch of 6" Scobys and a few which are 10".. PM me..
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    Adding body to mead

    Does anyone have a way of adding a thicker fuller body to mead? I read somewhere that some people add raisins to fermentation... Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    ISO: Allagash Nancy FT: Inside

    Looking for multiple bottles of this. I see it hit distribution and I love cherries. I have a cellar full of good stuff. If you have a bunch of bottles..PM me.
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    ISO: Allagash Golden Brett FT: Other limited releases / PA locals

    I am looking for a few bottles of this which is being released today. I am some Russian River stuff I can offer up and other PA availability stuff.. Please PM me..
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    Pennsylvania Carboys and Kegs

    I have several carboys and kegs available. (2) 6 Gallon Carboys $20 each (3) 5 Gallon Carboys $17 each (6) Ball Lock 5 gallon $50 ea I am located in the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem area...
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    Not mine but someone posted this on

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    ISO: Allagash Avance FT: Inside

    I am looking for a few bottles of this from the release on Friday, March 7th. I have the following available for trade: GI BCBS 13 Troegs Nugget Nectar Bruery Black Tuesday 13 (maybe a 12 as well) Bruery Bottleworks XII Bruery The Wanderer Weyerbacher Riserva 12 Alpine Pure Hoppiness Avery...
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    FT: 2007 Bigfoot ISO: BCBS (2011 or Older)

    Title says it all.. Do not know if I am even or way off.. if you have some BCBS and are interested, PM me
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    Different Scobys

    Hi.. I was just wondering what everyone r thinks about different scobys? Do you think that if you were to use a different scoby ( possibly one from a friend or from an scoby exchange) it would make a different tasting KT?
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    Using HDPE 2 Plastic barrel for brewing KT

    Does anyone use one of these? I am looking to produce in larger quantities.. Any feedback would be appreciated. .
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    ISO: Almanac Beer Co. Farmers Reserve Series. FT: East Coast goodies

    Im looking for the Almanac Farmers Reserve Series. I have access to most of the east coast stuff as I live in Philadelphia. Also access to Tired Hand Growlers. PM and let me know if you can grab these brews. Thanks for reading.
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    Brewing Jun

    Anyone try this yet? Any idea how it differs from kombucha? Looks like its brewed with honey instead of white sugar..