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    Taking it to the Next Level?

    So, after 8 months I've now managed to scale up to 25L of Kombucha a week and IMO perfected the 2nd stage carbonation process. I stick with a pretty boring ingredient list of Ginger, Turmeric and Lemongrass. All up my 25L batch takes 7 days for the 1st ferment and 5 days for the second ferment...
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    To Ginger or not to Ginger?

    Hi all, new member here. So I've been bitten by the "Booch" bug and have a little drama. I've near perfected my recipe, however I'd like to make one more tweak. As I currently add my mashed ginger to the 2nd ferment. Therefore, when I then consume, I have to deal with the straining issue of...