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    Temperature control

    I’m after some advice on temperature control. My fermenter sits on a heat pad in a fridge which is controlled by a digital temperature controller thermostat. The fridge kicks in when the temperature is getting too hot and the heat pad kicks in when too cool. I have the thermostat sensor...
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    Thick fruit cider prior to fermentation

    Hi, I'm attempting to make a nectarine hard cider which I plan to eventually carbonate. I cold pressed 15 litres of nectarine juice today which has come out quite thick, like a puree consistency. I was hoping to create a watery apple cider consistency. Is there any way of thinning this down...
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    Sparkling fruit wine

    I've decided to try my hand at making fruit wines. I'm currently in the first fermentation of a Feijoa wine - a fruit that is in season here in New Zealand which is light in colour and described as a cross between Strawberry, Pineapple, and Guava. I'm aiming for 8% abv and would like to make...
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    Stiring during fermentation

    Ok so I'm not brewing cider, I'm brewing a fruit in New Zealand that we call Feiloa. This obviously isn't cider but it's fermenting fruit nonetheless and I had nowhere else to post this thread. I've looked online at a number of Feijoa wine recipes and some of them are quite different from the...
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    First ever cider brew. To secondary ferment or not?

    Hi there I'm at the end of my first fermentation of pressed apples after 7 days, with the SG not moving for 3 days and no visible signs of fermentation. Do I really need to transfer to a secondary carboy before bottling, or can I skip that process and go straight to bottling? I'm making...