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    Oklahoma Glacier Immersion Chiller For Fermentation Control

    Glacier immersion chiller for sale. 1/6 HP, 1100 BTU, stainless coil. Stainless coil is on 4’ supply and return lines. Footprint is roughly 14 x 14 x 12H New Ranco temp controller installed. Unit works perfectly. Glacier’s web site...
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    Oklahoma 10 Gal Blichmann BK & Other All Grain Equipment

    All equipment is gone. Thank you.
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    Barrel Aging A Traditional Burton IPA

    I’ve been thinking for awhile about doing as authentic an historical Burton IPA as possible. I’ve looked into oak barrels, but all the ones I can source on the internet seem to be medium char. Consensus seems to be that the barrels used to age and ship IPA to India were not charred but...
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    Switching Between Heating Elements

    I apologize if I’m re-treading an old topic. I’ve searched through numerous threads and can’t seem to find a concise answer to what I’m needing to do. I’ve reviewed PJ’s diagrams and have somewhat of an idea but thought I’d ask directly. I’ve got...