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    Thoughts on my "Whatever I have - IPA"?

    Hello guys. I am half planning my fourth batch. I am an extract brewer due to limitations in terms of equipment. In my freezer I have 36g enigma hops, 74g cascade and 100g chinook. I ´have so far only done SMaSHes so I wanted to expirement and try something different with various hops and...
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    Extract brewing - partial boil questions

    Hello guys, I am rather new to the brewing scene and will do my third batch this weekend. Earlier batches have been 1x coopers lager prehopped LME (basic stuff) and last one was 19L own recipe DME extract recipe. Last brew, I basically boiled my hops in plain water for 45min for "bittered hop...
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    How is my water profile and have I interpreted it correctly?

    Hello guys! As some of you may know, I am new here and to homebrewing and general. And before you all go telling me that this topic is a bit much at this early stage, I am just exploring it, not necessarily implementing it in my brews at this point. Just trying to get a general idea of how it...
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    Ginger beer recipe - Thoughts?

    Hello friends. I am rather new to brewing, but I am currently fermenting my second batch and loving it :) I mostly do this with a friend of mine, and he would like to try to throw ginger into the mix for our next project. This is totally new to us though. I have thrown together a recipe, based...
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    Looking to brew my first IPA using malt extract. Tips on good extracts and priming tips?

    Hello guys! I recently brewed my first ever batch of home made beer. It was using the Coopers Lager kit which was bundled with my fermenting equipment: see here if you wanna know what it included. I live in an appartment and I am still a student, so I am for the moment not looking to "cook from...