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    Frozen Lacto yeast?

    Hey guys quick question. I'm all set to try my 3rd ever brew. I'm making a Gose. I have the liquid Lactobacillus Omega Yeast (OYL-605) which I heard good things about. It's been stored in my refrigerator.. when I went to check on it just now, it's pretty much frozen solid. Will that compromise...
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    First Sour brew.. not sour?

    Hey guys. Hope someone can help me out. I'm doing a Gose kit (Gose gone wild from Brooklyn Brew Shop) yesterday was bottling day. I did the mash, sparge, etc. And I added the Lactobacillus exact as per the instructions. When bottling/conditioning yesterday, I gave it a little taste and did...
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    Bottling/Priming Help Needed!

    So today is bottling day. I've been on planning on using organic wild flower honey to make my priming solution. I just read this isn't a good idea, as there's no way to know the sugar level, and could lead to bottle bombs. My only other option is table/cane sugar. I can't for the life of me...
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    Bottling into a uKeg?

    Hey guys, doing my first brew at the moment. It should be ready to bottle in 2 weeks. I own a growlerworks uKeg that takes the little disposable co2 canisters. I've read that you can bottle directly into them. Is this common? Safe? Any opinions on it? Thanks!
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    When to add fruit?

    Hey guys quick question. I started my first ever brew in Friday, 7/17. I'm using a kit from Brooklyn Brew. Yesterday (day 3) I switched from a blowoff hose to an air lock, and added more hops. The brew is still in the 1 gal glass fermenter. It's a milkshake IPA. I already added the milk sugar...
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    First time brewing questions.

    Hey guys just a few questions. Currently on day 3 of my first brew. Replaced the blowoff tube with the airlock today, as the bubbling has stopped. This is a Milkshake IPA, the kit is from Brooklyn Brew Shop. Does the sediment on the bottom look normal? Also, the "stuff" towards the top of the...