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    Please critique my Wild Rice beer recipe before I brew it tonight.

    I wanted it to be a very simple beer to highlight the flavors from the rice. 5 gal batch: 8 lbs light 2-row pilsner malt 0.5 lbs caramel malt 2 lbs thoroughly boiled wild rice 0.5 oz kent goldings - 60 min 0.5 oz willamette - 60 min 0.5 os saaz - 15 min London III yeast...
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    I do primary in a carboy. Whats the best way to get beer out to test specific gravity

    I usually do a partial mash in a 5 gal. pot and then add this to icewater in the carboy, so my wort isnt even complete and cooled until its in the carboy. I have been using my autosyphon to get out a graduated cylinder of beer out, but it seems like people must have an easier way. also...
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    whats the craziest thing you've ever looked at and said "yeah, I could ferment that"?

    I have been thinking about going half malted barley (so I can get the proper enzymes) half Lucky Charms cereal for a while. It would probably be horrible, but so are those "turkey" and "mashed potatos and gravy" Jones Sodas they sell around the holidays, and people drink those just to say they...
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    the use of oak cubes

    I was reading some info on a beer I would like to try, and one user suggested that you "steam a small amount of oak cubes with tequila and add them after ferm stops." What goes into doing that. How do i steam something w/ tequila?
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    Wanted: Good plans for a cheap homemade mash tun

    I want to start all-grain brewing, but my kettle just isn't big enough. How did you all make your mash tuns?
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    Advice on my "Margawheata" recipe? (my first original recipe)

    5.5 lbs 60% wheat/40% malt extract 1 lb agave syrup 1 os Czech Saaz pellets .25 oz coriander Zest of 3 limes White Labs 400 yeast 30 min out - Boil 2 gal water, 2 lbs malt, 1 lb agave syrup, .75 oz hops 15 min out - add coriander and lime zest 01 min out - add .25 oz hops 00 min out -...