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    looking for Jubel 2015

    Looking to get my hands on a bottle of Jubel 2015. Have a pretty good cellar of deschutes, full sail reserve beers. also alot of bourbon barrel/oak aged brews.. Jubel 2010, mirror mirror 2009, dissident, black butte xxI and on. Can send a more complete list upon request. Let me know. Thanks...
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    20 Gal Electric build

    Long time reader of HBT, but I haven't posted much on here.. Or any forum for that matter. It's always been something I've thought about doing, just never got around to. Since this site has been so integral in my home brewing and builds I figured I'd make some time to start posting. I think the...
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    Deschutes Reserve Jubel 2010, Mirror Mirror etc.

    Stumbled across some mirror mirror from '09 and 2 bottles of Jubel 2010 this last weekend in the smallest smoke shop I've ever been in. Pretty random. Already have some but couldn't pass them up so I'm willing to trade. I also have every year of abyss going back to '06. multiples from '08 on...