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    Kombucha conservation

    I already tried pasteurizing but I'm not happy with the result much... It has lost some of the fizz and it tastes a bit different. I'll give it a try with the potassium sorbate, thanks!
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    forgotten bottle

    I would carefully open it over some big bowl or pot and simply taste it... You will see. If it tastes like vinegar, you have your answer. At least, you can make some tea with sugar, mix it with whatever is in the bottle and wait for a week or so - after this amount of time, there should be a new...
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    Kombucha conservation

    Hey there! I was thinking about conserving kombucha drink after the second flavouring fermentation. In the fridge, it can last for a couple of months, but at room temperature, it will blast out or go bad. Do you have some tips on how to conserve it? I need to stop the fermentation somehow, I...