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    Double Infusion Batch Sparge on BeerSmith 2

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to using BeerSmith and am having some trouble setting up a double infusion batch sparge. I started with one of the pre-set double infusions and checked off the appropriate batch sparge options. I had to add more water to my mashout because of an error I got saying that...
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    Lemon-wine recipe updates

    Hey All, I decided to try my hand at making some alcoholic lemonade, which should be more like lemon-wine when all is said and done as there is no malt in it. The recipe is pretty simple, what do you all think? 2 packs rehydrated montrachet wine yeast (red-star) 5.5 cups of freshly squeezed...
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    What's with these sparging volumes for Beersmith?

    So I use a 9 gallon brew pot and a 10 gallons MLT for batch sparging. I recently got beersmith and on my second batch i set 1.24 qts/pound of grain. It called for 3.41 gallon of mash water, 2.71 gallons for batch sparge 1 and 4.80 gallons for batch sparge 2. The boil volume is suposed to be...
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    Beersmith and Apfelwein

    Anyone know how to put apfelwein ingredients into beersmith? I'm new to the program and can't find apple juice/cider anywhere on the ingredient lists.
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    First AG Batch was QUICK

    After a few years of extract I went to all grain as of last week, yay :-). I decided to do an imperial IPA because imperial beers are just one of those styles that is sort of difficult to do with extract and super $$$. Anyway, I put it in the primary on the 3rd with an OG of about 1.082 and...
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    Calculating Efficiency with BTL or Beeralchemy

    Just dowloaded some free trial for BTL and Beeralchemy. I just went over to all grain and I do not know what my efficiency was for my first batch. My primary concern is calculating this and using a brewing program that I will continue to use for all brewing tasks. I couldn't figure out how to...
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    Batch Sparging Help

    I did my first AG batch last night, Ive been doing extract for a few years and finally decided to move up. I have a few questions though. I did an imperial IPA with 14 pounds of grain, thats about 4.2 gallons of mash water. If I wanted to end up with 6 gallons in the boil that does not...
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    "Isomerization" in Hops???

    Hey everyone, can you take a look into this thread and let me know what you think about the idea of the volume of water changing the isomerization of hop compounds. I don't see how the volume of water would be able to variably switch around isomers. Maybe someone can help clear this up...
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    Perlick Towers?

    I am starting to get the parts for my keezer build. I really want the quality of a Perlick faucet but I also want to use tower taps. Has anyone been able to find Perlick faucets on tower taps or can you only upgrade to them down the line?
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    Beer Line Length for Kegerator

    Hey guys, I am planing out the specs for my soon to be kegerator and want to know if there is a certain length of tubing that works the best for the line running to my cornies to the faucets. Thanks.
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    Is This a Good Chest Freezer?

    Hey all, I want to install a duel tap on a chest freezer with a temp regulator; this will be my first time doing it though and I just want to make sure this size chest freezer will do the trick. Thanks for your input...
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    Dryhopped Hefeweizen????

    Has anyone ever dryhopped their hefeweizens and liked it? I just brewed a traditional hefe fermented on oak chips, not very hoppy or anything. I have .5 oz of saaz laying around and would like to use it, what do you guys think?
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    Lambic Cultivation

    Hey all, what lambics have you had success with cultivating yeast from? I don't want to put effort into sanitary cultivation and find out a week later the beer was too pasteurized for success due to yeast stress. Thanks! Best, Brett
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    Yeast Cultivation Strategy

    So I've never really had the time to cultivate a lambic yeast from a bottle and find that the sanitation problems that could occur may not be worth it. I was thinking about buying a lambic, drinking almost all of it and then pouring a liter of starter wort into the bottle and securing it with...
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    Carbing Strategies

    Can we get some discussion going on what everyone thinks the best way to force carbonate your beer is? I've been doing 2 full days at 22 to 25 psi and am just not very happy with the results. What advice can you give to get a beer from a keg that is carbonated as well as a condition-carbonated...
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    Can Someone Put This in Their Calculator?

    I just brewed my Black Pepper Dark IPA last night and I totally forgot to take a hydrometer reading because I flaked out a little. If anyone has one of those computer calculators that can come up with an OG from a recipe I would love it if you plug this in and tell me what my approx. OG is...
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    How Much Black Pepper?!

    I've decided to add some black pepper to my IPA. Having never used such an additive, I don't know how much to add for the last 5 min of the boil without overpowering everything. Im using 2 oz of sterling for bittering and 3/4 oz cascade for aroma. I saw a black pepper porter recipe with 1 oz...
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    Critique the Peppered IPA

    This is a pretty simple IPA that I took some advice on with how to make it a little bit more interesting. Let me know what you would change. 7.5 pounds light malt extract 1 pound crystal malt 120L 1/2 pound toasted barley 2 oz. sterling at 6.6 % AA (60 min) 3/4 oz. cascade at 5 % AA (2 min)...
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    What is the Stuff Floating in my Beer?!

    I brewed a cream ale and when I was bottling I used gelatin as a fining agent. I just opened the first bottle and there are large chunks of [protein coagulation?] suspended throughout the beer. Is this a result of the gelatin? The beer has no off flavors and tastes great, just stuff suspended...
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    Spicing up an IPA

    I am about to make a pretty classic IPA and I wanted to spice it up with something different maybe for the last 5 to 10 of the boil or even for the secondary. Any ideas?