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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    I've used Gigayeast Conan, Yeast Bay Conan and Conan grown at home from a can. All behaved basically the same. I use London Ale III all the time and it behaves quite differently and the character isn't all that similar IMO. I have liked it better so far, although I'm trying the Imperial...
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    Imperial Berliner Weisse - Kettle Soured

    I think he means pitching commercial bugs to sour in the kettle, in which case I recommend it over grain. Brevis or if you can get some Omega lacto blend. Or I use Nancy's yogurt which works great. Much higher success rate without the mystery bugs.
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    What should I add to secondary for a sour kettle blonde ale???

    Apricots and peaches. Or dry hop with Amarillo. Or both.
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    Sour mash help! I forgot to save my grains for lacto..

    Yes, live yogurt or good belly are both the best sources when you can't get to the brew store. They are also better than grain anyway. Buy those things or pure commercial cultures or it's pretty risky.
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    Wild Brewing Blackberries/Wineberries?

    Could also be too much fruit trub in bottles. I had a raspberry saison like that, but it was only bottles with a lot of sediment.
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    Pellicle on 100% brett beer

    Yes Amalgamation gave me a gnarly pellicle. I didn't use a bucket or even open it until it was done. It was also one of my favorite primary Brett experiences. Great choice! FWIW other Brett only batches with different yeasts have given me pellicles maybe half the time. Oxygen contact is...
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    Sour Starter

    It's just not safe in primary if you want your main yeast to survive and make a contribution. Secondary/bottling pitches are quite safe.
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    sour IPA - any experience?

    The IBUs will be much less than theoretical because of the low ph boil. That was my point, at 3.1 ph 40 IBUs was non-existent. Now, if you want to do a traditional long sour, I'd be careful. Depending how long it'll go I usually don't go over 30. But a kettle soured IPA should be fine with more...
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    sour IPA - any experience?

    I did the Trinity recipe with very little modification last winter. Used fresh yogurt whey to sour pre-boil to 3.1 ph and then did a regular IPA boil, 40 (theoretical) IBUs bittering and a 5 oz really long hop stand at the end, then a 5 oz dry hop after fermenting with Conan. All Amarillo. It...
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    Brett & Tap Lines

    The line cleaner breaks up the biofilm. Like soaking a carboy with PBW, same idea.
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    Questions after first sample of Sour Beer

    Agreed about the headspace. If it's in a bucket or has lots of headspace in a bottle it will get worse. Top up, transfer, CO2 purge, whatever you can to lower headspace and prevent acetic acid or ethyl acetate from ruining the brew.
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    Vieille harvest dregs

    Could be, but I've always heard it's lacto in JP. Also Cascade is similar in hop tolerance and it's definitely not pedio.
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    What Have I Grown?

    Looks like mold. Nothing good for brewing looks like that.
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    Kettle Sour Question - Top off after souring, before boiling?

    I say go for it. Imagine you lautered more originally then soured. Theoretically sugars would be diluted slightly and souring would proceed the same way. Then you'd boil off the extra water. In my mind it's not different.
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    First Kettle Sour - specific steps Questions

    I think the rest of your steps are good. If it doesn't attenuate as far as you want you can raise to 72 for a few days at the end. I tend to run it from 65-67 for 3 days then 72 till it's done. Pitch a good sized starter, as the low ph will inhibit yeast somewhat.
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    First Kettle Sour - specific steps Questions

    I got that info from Nick (owner of The Yeast Bay) on the Milk the Funk FB group we are both in. I've been using Funktown mixed with real Brett Drie for a few brews and that's a nice combo. I don't think he's changed the description since the Trois controversy.
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    First Kettle Sour - specific steps Questions

    Funktown isn't Brett, it's Sacc Trois + Conan. So don't worry about waiting a bunch of time, package and consume fresh. I would also dry hop with the Galaxy. Good luck!
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    Wild Apple Cider

    Check gravity and if stable for one month you should be fine to bottle. If it has a pellicle it's probably Brett. I've made some tasty Brett ciders, the right strain adds to the apple flavor. Oh, and it's both the top and the bottom, but you can just save the bottom, try pitching it in a new...
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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    If it's just too vinegary you can use it to cook with. No joke, it's good. Otherwise, there are so many reasons to throw out a sour beer. Some things don't get better. Acetic (vinegar) character is one of those things, but not the worst one.
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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    The pink is from oxidation. Really light beers that oxidize often turn pink or even darker red/purple. I get that sometimes just from leaving a light beer in a glass in the fridge for a day or two. I think I read someone saying it might be an oxidative yeast changing the color.