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    Best website's to purchase supplies in Canada?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of my fellow Canadians on here might know of a good website to purchase supplies from? What websites do you use? Any with free shipping or good cheap shipping?
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    I might of made an oopsie..?

    Okay so today was the transfer day for my third batch of brew, I transferred it from the primary to secondary fermenter and added the fining solution! I had to stir it in but I forgot to stir gently and gave it a real good stir.. to the point where i got about 1 inch of froth at the head of the...
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    Are you supposed to see bubbles during carbonation process?

    I bottled my 2nd batch of beer about a week ago, added the recommended amount of priming sugar 1 1/3 cup and its been sitting in my closet at about 24 degrees Celsius but I do not see any bubbles forming inside the brew or at the head of the bottle! It looks flat still to me! I'm kind of worried...
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    How long is it safe to let wine sit in the secondary fermenter?

    Hello friends! I am a beginner home brewer just looking for an answer to a simple question. I just went out to a Costco Wholesale shop in my area and bought a double pack of cheap wine kits for like 80 CAD to see if I like wine brewing! I just finished the first step/ process of primary...
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    Clarifying homebrew beer question!

    Okay so my cousin told me once the beer was done fermenting to siphon the beer into a carboy and let it sit for a week to settle and clarify, so i done so and added some isinglass finings as well to help the process along and to have less sediment. So i was told to leave it for a week, However...
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    Quick DIY Brew Question Please Help!

    Okay so I have a batch of brew on now it is just one of those diy kits that come with a liquid malt extract, It started out great a bubbling like something fierce for two days and now all of a sudden on the third day it's stopped bubbling altogether! Is this normal or do you think the batch is...
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    Sodium Metabisulfite In my brew? please help!

    I've only recently started brewing beer I'm just on my 2nd batch now, and my friend gave me a bag full of sodium metabisulfite to use as sanitizer. He told me to mix it up and put it in a spray bottle to spray and sanitize everything and anything I'm about to use to brew and to rinse after. He...