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    Here's my gravity plate chiller setup

    I've got my boil kettle hooked up to my Shirron plate chiller. Just a testament to the fact that gravity chilling works no problem!
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    Crystal 60 Percentage of the Grist

    Hey, everyone. I'm tweaking my "tried and true" IPA recipe. I figured out why I wasn't completely happy with my IPAs: too much crystal malt! Here's my recipe I like to use, I'm really only wanting to change the amount of Crystal 60. 5.5 gallon batch 12 lbs. 2-Row 2 lbs. White Wheat Malt 1 lb...
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    Could I bottle in this?

    I was wondering if I could safely bottle in this. I got it from a friend who is a local brewer. It's a two liter bottle that holds yeast, pitchable for 5-7 bbls. If it holds yeast under pressure, would there be any reason it couldn't hold carbonating beer?
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    Slurry to Starter

    Hello, I've looked and looked and searched on Google for answers on this, but can't find anything. So, I've got two yeasts, Wyeast 1098, and WLP001. Both harvested from the batches that I used them for. They were both made using starters, if that makes any difference in this. What I'm wondering...
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    Recommendations or Ideas for Hop Schedule

    I'm going to be brewing up an American Pale Ale, and wanted to know something regarding boil times. I'm going to be trying out a method of all late additions, starting at 20 minutes. Basic layout is 20, 10, 5, 0. Here's the recipe, using my base grain bill that I use for all of my APAs and...
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    Guava induced wild fermentation

    So, about a year ago, I brewed an American IPA. It was fantastic! I bottled four of the five gallons and left one gallon on the yeast cake. I then picked ten guavas from the tree in the backyard and dropped them right in. Within a month there was a half inch, white pellicle with nice bubbles. I...
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    Mesh Strainer Off Flavors

    So, I googled and googled and couldn't find a clear answer anywhere about this. I'm wondering about a mesh strainer that I've recently made, but haven't used yet. I made a manifold using wire mesh, it's main purpose being straining hops from the boil kettle, as not to clog up my plate chiller...
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    BIAB Partigyle

    Hey everyone! I've looked around a bit about BIAB partigyle and didn't find much results anywhere. Well, brewing an Imperial IPA, I figured why not give it a try? Recipe/ 3 Gallon Grain Bill: 7 lbs US 2-row 8 oz White Wheat Malt 8 oz Crystal 40 1 lb table sugar @ 60 min boil Hop Schedule: 2...
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    San Pellegrino bottles?

    I searched and searched, and couldn't find any info on this. I have the connection to a TON of the 8.45 oz Pellegrino bottles, the green ones. They are twist off, unfortunately, but I was wondering if since they hold carbonation for the water, could they be used for bottle conditioning? It...
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    French Onion Soup with...

    I just made a French onion soup with a bottle of bourbon Dubbel. Needless to say, it was FANTASTIC. The Dubbel flavor peeked through perfectly in the aftertaste of the soup, and even my wife (not a huge beer drinker) loved it and had a glass of it during dinner.
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    Not sure if my IPA is done fermenting...

    Noob alert!! So I've been fermenting an IPA for awhile now. It's been fermenting slowly because the house is a tad bit cold for the yeast. Anyway, when I shine a flashlight through, I see the occasional bubble shoot up towards the top of the carboy. The OG was 1.064 and the current SG is 1.014...
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    Austin Homebrew Pale Ale

    So earlier I brewed the gluten free pale ale kit from Northern Brewer. It's a simple recipe with the fermentables being 6 pounds of white sorghum syrup, 3 pounds added at the beginning of the boil and 3 pounds added at the end of the boil. Hop bill is 1 oz of Northern Brewer at 60 mins, 1 oz of...
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    Sparkling Cinnamon Cider

    Two months in primary, two months bottle conditioning, and this stuff is smooth and delicious!
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    Halted fermentation with an IPA

    So about a 3-4 weeks ago, I brewed an all-grain BIAB IPA. The OG was 1.064, right on target. The expected FG is 1.012. However, for the past week, it's been stuck at 1.030. Any recommendations? The ambient temp in the closet is about 65 degrees F. I don't know what to do!! Please help! Here's...
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    New aluminum stockpot!

    So I just bought a 10 gallon stock pot for an IPA I'm doing today. It's aluminum and I've heard it's smart to boil water for an hour prior to brewing. I'll do this, but can I use that same water that I boiled for my strike water? It just seems a waste to me to boil water and then not use...
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    Today I'm pairing an IPA with...

    Hashbrowns and eggs!!!
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    Not to be the typical newb...

    But I'm having a hard time figuring out what this is.
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    First carb or not to carb??

    I made my first cider a few weeks ago, just a simple experiment with a gallon of cider, some cinnamon, and some leftover ale yeast (not sure which yeast). The OG was 1.060 and I have yet to take a hydrometer reading, as I'm trying to be patient!! What I'm wondering is should I carbonate this...
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    Preboil sanitization

    Is sanitizing before the boil even necessary? Things like what you hear your sparge water in, mash paddle, etc. doesn't the boil kill off any nasties, making preboil sanitization redundant?