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    Tap tower cooling with air?

    I've built myself a keezer with an old porcelain tap tower. It had a copper pipe cooling circuit, in which I pumped regular water from a 5 liter keg. This cools the beer alright. BUT! I can't stand the constant noise from the pump. Is pumping air through this circuit effective enough? Or remove...
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    Pistonhead Haze Lager

    Not a fan of lager, but I like this one and thinking about giving it a go. Recipe seem pretty straight forward: Pilsner and Cara to hit the color. Bittering with Magnum at 60, aroma and flavor with Galaxy at 30 and 15. Some at flameout too? Have slurry from Mangrove Jack´s Bavarian Lager yeast...
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    London ESB finished high, pitch Nottingham?

    This Saturday (4 days ago) I pitched Danstars Londons ESB. Maris Otter 2,5 kg Amber malt 0,5 kg Inverted sugar #4 0,4 kg Mash 90 min at 67 C (154 F) OG .47 Activity seems to have stopped and SG now is .34. I realize I mashed this batch way to high for this yeast. And as a dark mild this...
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    Bavarian Lager: Wyeast 2206 vs Mangrove Jack´s M76

    Going to give THIS Kellerbier a go. He promotes Wyeast´s 2206 Bavarian Lager for this. But my local shop have Mangrove Jack´s M76 Bavarian Lager dry yeast on stock. are these equivalent?
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    How to intentionally make a hazy beer?

    What if I would want to make a beer that supposed to be hazy and stay hazy, what would be best procedure? I want to make a really hazy (neipa-hazy) lager/ale hybrid using WLP029. Ferment at lager temps. The givens: No clarification additives No cold crash Low flocculent yeast...
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    Struggeling to understand balance value

    I do understand the BU:GU ratio. Around 0,5 is considered as balanced, and below is more malty, and above more bitter. But then there is this BV, balance value. There is very little info on the matter. is frequently referenced to for more info, but...
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    Hop strainer pot, anyone?

    I´ve been eye balling this pot which would fit my BK just perfect, with 1 cm (0.4") in diameter to go. Question is, will it the wort just boil up along the sides, or will I have a good boil inside the basket?
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    Mangrove Jack Empire Ale M15

    There seem to be little written and reviewed about this yeast. I'm currently fermenting an English Bitter with it. Smells like arse, but tastes really awesome so far. Any experience from this string out there?