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  1. GratefulBear

    Think O2 cleaner damaged laminate counters

    Anyone else have this happen? After ever brew session, I wipe down counters with the express idea of removing any oxygen cleaner. However, I may have missed some spots because the laminate surface is pitted now in spots. It looks white/hazy unless the counters are wet, then the spots...
  2. GratefulBear

    Advice on large keezer, and manual vs auto defrost

    Greetings, Does anyone know a good model of chest freezer that could fit 7 corny kegs, 5lb CO2 tank, regulator and CO2 manifold without adding a collar? Also, what is preferred for a keezer, manual or automatic defrost? Thanks
  3. GratefulBear

    Same chest freezer/temp for fermenting and serving?

    Greetings gang, My kegerator crapped out a while back and I'm thinking about my next setup. My main goal right now is reducing the hangover inducing properties of my cider. Unless I'm mistaken, public enemy #1 is fermentation temperatures when it comes to fusel alcohols. What are your...
  4. GratefulBear

    Kegerator stopped cooling! :-( Relay or freon leak?

    As if 2020 wasn't bad enough, my CL kegerator that's worked great for about a year has completely stopped cooling. It's an older Summit kegerator. I was starting to have issues with foam (a month or so ago) and never figured out if it was the CO2 pressure or if the kegerator was having trouble...
  5. GratefulBear

    Does early racking stress the yeast?

    Claude Jolicoeur's "The New Cider Maker's Handbook" states that one of the benefits of an early first racking is that it separates the cider from sediment/nitrogen and slows the fermentation down so that you can end up with some sweetness in the final cider. Does the reduction in nutrients also...
  6. GratefulBear

    Cleaning brewing equip easier with Cider?

    I have gone through my first few kegs of homebrew Cider and noticed that everything was easier to clean compared to my beer tap (from local microbrew). Is that the case with beer vs cider in general (that cider stuff is easier to clean)? All the cider lines were crystal clear after finishing...
  7. GratefulBear

    How are breweries doing during the pandemic?

    I know my local craft brewery is still in business but they've taken some big hits. Haven't heard of any going out of business around me in MA. I know that their in-house services are down but people tend to drink plenty during times like these.. How are breweries faring in your parts of the...
  8. GratefulBear

    Aging in WF gallon jugs w/out preservatives?

    I've been using a lot of Whole Foods apple juice (comes out really well). I often ferment as dry as possible using champagne yeast. Now I have a bunch of 1 gallon glass jugs that I would like to take advantage of somehow. I'm thinking about doing a long secondary fermentation (6 months) in...
  9. GratefulBear

    Remove all seals on corny to clean/lube? Or is it damaging?

    Do you guys use a dental tool or similar to remove and clean/lube all the seals on your corny kegs? The ones on the post are a little tough to get off and I feel like I damage them a little when I remove them (I've been using a butter knife but maybe use a dental tool next time). Should I just...
  10. GratefulBear

    Transferring 1/2 barrel of storebought to Corny

    I mostly just brew and drink cider but I like a beer once in a while and want to have it on tap for guests. However, my 4-tap kegerator only fits cornies/sixtels and I like the pricing of buying a half barrel. Can someone look at my plan and let me know if this will work? 1. Let storebought...
  11. GratefulBear

    Pressure + Ale Yeast = 90 fermentation?

    I've seen that people are lagering under pressure around 70 degrees F (adding 12 deg to high end of lager yeast range). Does this mean you could add 12 deg with an ale yeast and ferment (under pressure) at 80 deg and get a comparable product in a shorter time? Thank you
  12. GratefulBear

    3-in-1 CO2 tool for Racking, Bottling, and Kegging exist?

    Greetings gang, I am new here, but I've done a fair amount of lurking the past couple weeks. I recently started brewing my own cider with a basic setup (airlock on a Whole Foods jug) and I'm realizing that my setup is not going to cut it for in the long run. I'm fortunate in that I've done a...