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    West Coast IPAs

    So this seems to be a new style of IPA that has been gaining popularity recently. When looking into west coast and east coast style IPAs and their differences, it seems that west coast IPAs have less malt and more hop character, while east coast IPAs have more malt and less hop character. How...
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    Anyone have results from stirring up yeast cake?

    Hi, I have an IPA I made a little over 2 weeks ago. OG was 1.084. Fermentation took off like a rocket and had vigorous fermentation for about 1 1/2 weeks. After it slowed, I checked gravity at exactly 2 weeks and it was 1.022. This is slightly higher than what I was expecting from the recipe...
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    Worst brewing accident yet!

    I made a Rye IPA 3 weeks ago with some local hops I picked here near my home in Carbondale, CO. I pitched some washed Pacman yeast I had in a mason jar in my fridge. I made a starter of course as it had been in my fridge for a while. OG was 1.076 when I pitched the yeast. Fermentation started...
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    Pellet hops filtering question

    Hi, I have been using a bazooka screen in my brew kettle in the past to filter out my hops when draining the wort. I have run into clogs with the bazooka screen and have had to use my spoon to scrape the hops off the screen over and over to allow flow. I just bought a false bottom for my...
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    Austin Homebrew Pliny the Elder clone

    Hi, I just received the all-grain kit in the mail today. I did a lot of research on the best way to brew Pliny at the best price. Only More Beer and Austin Homebrew seem to have kits put together to order online. More Beer seems to always be out of stock. Anyway, there isn't a whole lot of...
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    Anyone been to Prost Brewery Denver, CO?

    I recently moved to Carbondale from Denver and went back recently for a weekend trip. While I was there my girlfriend went to Prost and bought a growler of their WeiBbier. I am not a big hefeweizen fan but this is the one that sold me after all these years. It has a very fresh bread dough flavor...
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    Re-sparging grain to make 2nd beer?

    Hi, A friend told me that he has heard of doing a second sparge with your mash when brewing a high gravity beer. Say you brew a beer with a gravity of 1.080, could you get another weaker 5 gallons of wort from it? I could double my batch size on brew day if so! Thanks, Shawn
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    II Rye IPA recipe critique

    Hi, I made this two days ago and it is fermenting nicely in the basement. This is my third all grain batch. Let me know what you think. I haven't used rye before but I have had a couple of rye ipas and enjoyed them. The recipe mutated throughout the day but this was the final recipe. Thank...
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    storing a yeast starter?

    Hi, I have a yeast starter that I made using yeast from bottles. I have stepped it up a couple of times and it is ready to store in mason jars. Do I just swirl it up and pour it into the jars? Or do I decant the spent wort, add distilled water, then swirl and fill jars? Ive read yeast should be...
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    Harvesting bottle yeast

    Hi, I harvested the yeast from 3 bottles of my homebrew about 4 days ago. I pitched the dregs into a weak wort of 1/3 cup DME to 2 cups water. It fermented out nicely and I have now put it into the fridge to crash cool it. I want to step it up now to a larger starter, then separate it into 3...
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    Pacman Yeast Treasure!

    Hi, I have been reading up a bunch on Rogues proprietary Pacman yeast strain. I went to my local beer spot to buy a couple of bombers to harvest this yeast. I have read a lot about Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout and Brutal Bitter being some of the better ones to get this yeast from. When I picked...
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    Bottle Infection?

    Hi, I have a brew I bottled a few weeks ago and found rings of crud in the neck of the bottle just above beer line. Is this a sign of infection? This happened in 3 bottles and none of the others. I got a weird sour like smell from them. Others from the same batch tasted fine. Thanks, Shawn
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    What size brew kettle?

    Hi, Im stepping up my operation to all grain and I am curious what size brew kettle I am going to need for five gallon batches. I am currently using a bayou classic propane burner. I do not care about the thermometer and valve, I just want a stainless steel kettle. Also, what would be a good...
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    Long Fermentation on Belgian Strong Ale?

    Hi, I have a dark belgian strong ale that had an OG of 1.084 and I pitched the yeast starter 11 days ago. Fermentation took off within 8 hours and I can still see the yeast swimming happily and doing their thing. The initial fermentation was quite active and needed a blow off tube to direct...
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    Where to watch a good all grain brew video

    Hi, Im fairly new to home brewing and have been building some equipment to step up to all grain. I have done 4 batches of extract w/ specialty grains recipes. I would like to watch an instructional video of an all grain brew before I do one on my own. Ive seen a few on youtube but I was...
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    dry hopping a belgian strong ale?

    Hi, I was wondering of anyone has ever dry hopped a belgian strong ale. I have a dark belgian strong ale in primary that I made for my girlfriend. I am blood type IPA though. I was wondering if a dry hopped belgian would be good. Or, is there anything above and beyond to add to a belgian if...
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    No krausen in starter, help!

    Hi, I made a starter the day before yesterday and it has not developed any krausen. I would like to use it today. I made the starter using 4 cups of water and 1 cup of extra light DME. I cooled and pitched the yeast. It is the first time for me using WLP545 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast. The last...
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    I didn't mix my priming sugar!

    Hi, I bottled a batch of imperial IPA last night and added 2/3 cup of priming sugar (pre-boiled in water) to my bottling bucket. I use paint strainer bags as a lining to filter out hops debris and stuff. The beer siphoned smoothly into the bucket but I'm worried that the paint strainer bag...
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    What propane burner should I get?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a propane burner because I'm tired of brewing on my electric stove. I have a perfect spot outside to set up a propane burner and I am now on a mission to buy one. Are there any recommendations? I am currently brewing 5 gallon batches. Thanks, Shawn
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    Good propane burner for deck?

    Hi, I am about to step up my process to all grain brewing. I want to know what propane burners are going to be adequate for 5 gallon batches. I do live close to a Lowes and Home Depot so if anyone has gotten one there they like please let me know. Also, how many BTU's do I need to look for...