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    Microscope Cell Count Viability?

    So I'm finally getting the last couple things to use the microscope I've had for years intending to do yeast counts. I've got the methylene blue to stain cells. What I don't understand is, all the instructions I read say to count ALL cells, then go back and count living cells so that you can...
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    Minnesota 20 Gallon Brewery For Sale

    I found myself with 30 gallon kettles, so it's time to sell my old brewery. This was my dream system that I bought when I worked at Midwest Supplies. These are the Commercial Quality Kettles that they have since discontinued. These are excellent, heavy duty kettles. This system has brewed many...
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    My Temp Controlled Conical Cabinet

    Just took some pics of the cabinet I've been using for my conical. It's a 27 gal Stout Tanks conical Has a small air conditioner for cooling and 2x 150W heat bulbs for heating. The temp controller inside the cabinet monitors ambient temp and AC ice-up and kills the heating/cooling if it gets...
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    Need an airtight bucket

    Got a bit long there. TL;DR I need a 2-3 gal airtight container that I can mount bulkheads in. I've got a 27 gal conical in an insulated cabinet with heat bulbs and an air conditioner for temp control. When I crash cool it from 68 to 40, the beer and air contract and it sucks the water from...
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    Preventing Algae growth in water tanks

    In an effort to keep water usage to a minimum, I'm getting 2 55 gal barrels. I'll fill one with water, the other empty. When it's time to chill the batch, I'll pump from one barrel, through the plate chiller, into the other barrel. I want to keep that water from getting nasty. Any ideas...
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    Double Airlock

    I've got a 27 gallon conical in a refrigerated box I built for it. When I go to crash cool it, it sucks up whatever liquid was in the airlock. I built this to combat that. CO2 comes down the hose, into the 1st jar, up the pipe, then down the pipe of the 2nd jar, bubbling up and out. When I...
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    What micron size for a hop filter?

    I'm getting a custom hop filter made. Several manufacturers are making them in 300 micron size so that's what I requested. However, one replied back that they don't do 300 because people kept saying it clogs. All I'm REALLY trying to do is keep hop chunks from clogging my plate filter. I plan...
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    Stainless barrels as fermenters?

    Saw a post earlier about stainless barrels and it renewed my interest. However, having never really SEEN one, how suitable would they be as a fermenter? My concern is how the bottom is attached. Of course they're suitable for transporting food products, but they're never reused for food. If...
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    My method for cleaning my plate chiller

    OK so I finally got some video of the flow switcher. Basically, there's 2 inputs on the left and 2 outputs on the top. The 2 on the bottom hook up to the chiller and that's where the flow gets switched. This way I can flush, recirculate, flush, recirculate, flush all while switching the...
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    Mash Timer?

    Been looking for a timer to run on my computer during brew day and I've found some good ones, but I cannot find one that has multiple timers for both the mash and boil. I usually do a mashout and a step mash would need more as well as other misc reminders during the mash. So far, this is my...
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    Inline oxygen system

    Testing out the mobile app, but just finished the inline oxygen stone
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    Pro Flow vs Bargainfittings Cam Locks

    Can anyone verify that the plastic camlocks at are interchangeable with the stainless ones at bargainfittings? BF is out of the dust caps and I want to protect the couple hoses I have with stainless male ends on them. Thanks!!
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    Microscope is on it's way and I'm looking at hemocytometers and there's a wide variety in prices out there and just wondering if anyone knows much about them. Are they all pretty standard as far as spacing of the lines and the volume it holds? One place I read said that the slides are supposed...
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    Caustic Cleaner through a submersible pump?

    I've got this pump pump I use it to clean carboy, kegs, and my plate chiller. My roommate just got a couple Sanke kegs to use as fermenters and one of them has a crazy amount of beer stone in it. Do you think that pump would survive a bath in Sodium Hydroxide drain cleaner? That seemed to...
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    DIY Carboy Stirplate

    I've recently done a major upgrade to the size of my brewery to where I'm usually doing 15 gallon batches, but my big fermenter is 200L (53 gal). A double brew day means I can put 37 gallons in there. If that's a lager, it means a HUGE starter. I've built stir plates before, but I don't think...
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    THOROUGHLY cleaning out a plastic fermenter

    I have a rain barrel that I used 1 time as a fermenter for a really hoppy beer. Of course right after I got it, I got a killer deal on a stainless variable capacity fermenter so now I have an extra rain barrel. I'd like to use it as a water reservoir for the RO system, but weeks later, it...
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    Insulating a fermenter

    The glycol chiller is getting there and it's time to start wrapping copper tubing around my fermenter. I have a bunch of foam to wrap around it, but it's going to absorb water that condenses and long term, it's not a very viable solution. Does anyone have any better suggestions to insulate my...
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    What model pump is this?

    I used my superman strength to tighten the filter housing on my pump and in the process of trying to loosen it, I busted the hose barb off. There's literally no information printed on it so I don't know where to even start looking for a replacement. Can anyone help me identify this pump...
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    Glycol tank heater?

    I'm in the process of building a glycol chiller using a window AC unit. Pumps will send glycol out to coils around the fermenters. Currently I have a 200L stainless variable capacity fermenter. That's got summer covered, but that basement will get COLD in winter. I'm thinking if I HEAT that...
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    Dry Airlock Question

    I got a 200L variable capacity fermenter and it comes with a dry airlock. It uses marbles to allow air to blow by and then fall back in place, sealing the hole. I get that part. Why does it have TWO...