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  1. markstache

    Understanding flow rates, hose/tubing diameter and barb size

    I'd like to design a 3 way manifold that I can use to both clean the lines of my 3 tap kegerator and also use to fill 3 kegs simultaneously during homebrew club barrel projects. In both cases, I use my chugger pump to push the liquid. One of my goals is to try to maximize throughput of the...
  2. markstache

    Best tool for making largest possible opening in keggle

    I've got a rather large immersion chiller at 14" diameter. For a keggle conversion, between angle grinder and dremel, what tool would work best for getting a sufficiently large opening? I'm leaning toward using my dremel as I think I could get the smaller wheels closer to the lip of the keg. I...
  3. markstache

    Cleaning draft lines with a chugger/march pump and line cleaner

    Can anyone give me a reason I should not use my kettle and my chugger pump to push Five Star Liquid Line Cleaner through my draft lines? I haven't seen much information one way or the other on this idea. Thanks.
  4. markstache

    Squeezing in a kegerator

    I'm trying to figure out my best option for squeezing a kegerator or keezer into my small pantry. The three pictures show the space, which is quite limited. The dimensions are 36 inches wide by 25 inches deep by 69 inches tall. There is an electrical panel that needs to be available at 16...
  5. markstache

    Picnic taps vs. draft wall

    About every 3 months or so, I have an event where it would be nice to have a keg or two. I'm considering buying a cheap kegging set up with some pin-locks. Any left over beer when the event was done would be bottled from the tap. Kegs would be chilled in a bucket with ice. Any recommendations...
  6. markstache

    Help eliminating bottle infections

    First, a question: several recent batches have developed little rings in the bottle at the liquid line. A few have developed white film on top of the liquid. Am I right in assuming that this is evidence of bottle infections? I'm not 100% sure, but the carbonation for these batches seems high...
  7. markstache

    Window AC only blowing cool air

    I use a mechanical 5k btu window air conditioner for my fermentation cabinet. The cabinet is about 40 cubic feet. I've bypassed the thermostat by wiring the inputs together with a wire nut so that the compressor will always run when the unit kicks on via the STC 1000. My problem is that it...
  8. markstache

    I like to parti, parti-gyle

    I made a parti-gyled baltic porter and late hopped 'Merican amber lager today. I must say, parti-gyle rocks. I feel like I got two beers (5 gallons each, too) for the effort of 1.25 beers. I only had to set up, mash, and clean once. While the first was boiling, I let the second run off. The...
  9. markstache

    Omg swmbo byo

    I'm going to start believing in bigfoot, the Lock Ness monster, and all the rest. I've seen something even more unbelievable. Last night, my wife brewed beer. Allow me to preface this by saying I think that women should brew beer, and I'm always disappointed by the gender imbalance in the...
  10. markstache

    Vet my upgrade path (2V, single tier, pump, plate chiller)

    After listening to Sean Wolfe's 2014 NHC presentation "Keeping it Safe! The Home Brewery’s Safety Plan," I have identified three areas where I think I can decrease risks in my brew process. I'd like to get feed back on whether my solutions make sense to people with more experience in...
  11. markstache

    Yet another "is this stuck" thread

    11 days ago I brewed a brown ale at 1.050. Pitched a decanted starter of Wyeast 1968 (London ESB). Gravity tonight was 1.020. My recipe was for an OG of 1.055 with an anticipated FG of 1.016. Since I was low on the OG, if anything, I expected it to finish a little lower. It's been fermenting in...
  12. markstache

    Things to do on "teach a friend to brew day"

    I'm planning a "teach a friend to brew day" in November. I had about 6 guys come by last weekend for drinking and brewing, and I'd like to make more of a day out of it. I'm planning to do all grain batch (BIAB) and also an extract kit during the mash. I should have a batch ready to bottle that...
  13. markstache

    The things kids say

    My son (age 3.5) is fire today. First, he uses his magic wand to "turn daddy's beer into a flowers!" Yes, this saison does have a floral nose. Later, he has his water bottle and is dancing around. Boy: I like beer. Mommy: What kind of beer? IPA? Saison? Boy: ... Water beer! Me: Oh, so...
  14. markstache

    Combining Citra with other hops

    As an impulse buy, I grabbed 4oz of Citra when picking up some other stuff I actually need. In looking at IPA recipes that involve Citra, many are single hop recipes. I could use all 4oz of my Citra on a single 5gal batch, I'm interested in spreading them across a couple of batches. In the...
  15. markstache

    Recipe for a name: Mobile Chernobyl

    While discussing the possibility of nuclear powered drone that could self destruct over an enemy target, the guys and I coined the phrase "Mobile Chernobyl" (though a quick google search shows that we're not the first to come up with the this gem). Of course, I have to brew a beer of the same...
  16. markstache

    Quick response: hops for am. wheat? (Mt. hood vs. Czech Saaz vs. ?)

    I'm going to make a Nikobrew order to take advantage of the sale. My wife likes wheat beers, but my 3 attempts have fallen flat. I think it may be because of hop choice. I've used summit, Columbus, and Willamette. I'm planning to get some cascade and magnum. I'd like to get 1 or 2 more...
  17. markstache

    Insulated shelving unit as a fermentation chamber

    Has anyone built a fermentation chamber around a steel shelving unit? The cooling would be provided by a window a/c. I was thinking of building a lightweight frame around it to provide the insulation. On three sides, there would be vapor-barrier plastic, fiberglass fill, and an outer layer...
  18. markstache

    Giving a keg as a gift. What are my options?

    My uncle has a kegerator, which I assume uses Sanke connections (I haven't verified this as he several states away). I am only at the point of bottling, but I'm wondering if there are economical ways that I could fill a keg to give to him for X-mas. Anyone have any suggestions?
  19. markstache

    Mash temp higher at end

    On my most recent batch (my 6th), I decided to measure the temperature of my mash at the end of the 60min process. I discovered that it was measuring 157 on my digital thermometer, 3 degrees higher than the 154 at which I thought I had started the mash. I do a modified BIAB where I mash at...
  20. markstache

    BIAB with 30qt and 20qt

    Hello, I'd like to start all grain using my 30qt and 20qt pots. I was thinking I could mash in one pot and rinse/sparge in the other. I'd like to get some feedback for what size batches I could construct. Also, should I mash in the smaller or larger pot? Thanks!