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  1. troutbumcolo

    Yeast to use for bottling root beer

    My nephew and I tried to make root beer kit and it did not carbonate. I have found a few recipes on here. I don't have a keg set up to dedicate a tap to yet. Operative word yet. My nephew is coming next week and wants to try again. What kind of yeast do I need to bottle a batch. I will...
  2. troutbumcolo

    Keg Equipment Needs for 4 Taps

    I am going to be building a keezer in the near future. I have been given a chest freezer recently and know it will hold four kegs. I have seen how to build the collar and where/how to install a temp regulator. Here is my dilemma: 1. For 4 taps, do I need just one double CO2 regulator...
  3. troutbumcolo

    Blog Overview of Starting to Home Brew

    I just started home brewing after Christmas. I have read and followed this forum religiously in better educating myself on the process of making your first batch. I have a blog and felt it was important to have more literature to read for the newbie looking to get into hobby...
  4. troutbumcolo

    New home brewer in Colorado and already DIY Immersion chiller

    Just wanted to say hi from Colorado. I am a new brewer. Got a kit for Xmas and will be doing my first batch tomorrow morning. I have been reading this forum religiously for weeks and feel very confident in all of your wonderful tips and tricks. I am doing a Midwest Autumn Ale as my first...