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    Maximum hops to still get an authentic German Pils?

    Most german pils wont have any hop stand hops. A more classic recipe would be 2/3rd the ibu at the beginning of the boil, 1/3rd the ibus at 20min. You still get alot of hop flavor from the 20min addition, its just a boiled hop flavor. That said you can make a nw pils, italian pils, ipl, etc...
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    What is the highest I could ferment a Dortmunder?

    Not really, but there are some options that will get you close until you can get temp control for a proper lager. 34/70 warm: People say it works, its the best bet for an actual lager yeast It sometimes takes forever to clear though, you may need to use finings to get the yeast to drop out...
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    Idaho gem

    Its med-high aroma. More than cascade less than mosaic or simcoe. In my experience.
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    Idaho gem

    Ive used a couple lbs of it. It does have a candied red fruit flavor to it which is unique, but its not as prominent as the descriptions make it seem, or as fruit foward as el dorado at all. Theres a significant amount of c hop resin and grapefruit as well. Its a fine IPA hop and blends well...
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    Taste is off

    By alcohol taste, do you mean nail polish/solvent or just clean ethanol? Do you know what temp you fermented at and what yeast and how much did you use? Overcarb is not likely the issue, unless the glass is pouring like pure foam. More likely is stressed yeast thats also too warm, but if you...
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    Beer taste goes away too quickly

    Whoops, dont know how that happened. sorry.
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    Beer taste goes away too quickly

    While you can use RO water for extract, as minerals arent nessecary for ph. it does sound like what happens if you use overly soft water for brewing. If the water you used was RO or really soft tap water, you may consider adding a few grams of gypsum to the boil next time you brew and see if it...
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    How much of beer taste goes to yeast?

    Alot honestly. Lets just talk about the strain of yeast, and not pitch rate, fermentation temp, and everything else about the fermentation conditions, which also greatly effects the final product. Ale yeast strain selection effects a few major factors. Average attenuation (how low the final...
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    Do "professional" brewers consider brulosophy to be a load of bs?

    Not to derail, but as a bjcp judge, im amazed at the difference sometime from bottle to bottle of an entry, from the first judging to a mini-bos, or sometimes when you ask for a second bottle. With the "rough" handling that some competitions or drop off points do to the beer before it comes to...
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    breslau-style schöps

    Nothing unfortunately. Theres very little info i could find.
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    Beer doesn't seem to carb in corny kegs

    How were you carbing the corny kegs? at what psi? At what temp? How long? I usually hook up the gas, at a psi according to a chart, and let it sit at 33 for 7-10 days, carbonation is as intended.
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    Diacetyl in Witbier - already kegged

    Yeah, Ive cleaned up beers in the same situation by warming them up to room temp for a week. It usually works. Unless you are alot more careful than I transferring, or used gelatin finings, theres probably enough yeast in the keg to clean up.
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    clear - cloudy - clear

    You stirred up the break material when adding hops, and then it fell back to the bottom of the pot?
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    Englisch Pale Ale - Tips and Advice

    Use a characterful yeast and water with a fair amount of sulfates and other minerals. I like 1469, 1275, 1028. The descriptions are accurate, pick one that sounds like what youd like. I dont have experience with dry yeast, so i can help you there, hopefully someone else can. Many english...
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    Can I reuse fuseled(?) yeast

    As a general principle it is best not to reuse yeast that has been in a high alcohol beer or otherwise stressed. You may not get consistent results in future generations. That said ive done it, and it worked out fine, its just not best practice. If its 34/70 just buy another pack. If its some...
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    Bestmalz Aromatic

    Simpsons makes a 19L Aromatic Malt. im not sure if its available on the homebrewer
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    Bestmalz Aromatic

    Its always a problem. Our LHBS often mixes castle aromatic 40L and MFB Special Aromatic (A lovely malt, but a 5L dark vienna style malt, not really a aromatic malt) in a bin labeled "aromatic malt" Im not sure where you are. Weyerman makes an abbey malt that is close to an belgian aromatic. As...
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    black lager(Schwarzbier) critique

    Cold steeping is great. I would go that route if you got the time. Both malts are fine, I like midnight wheat, it is very clean, but my lhbs stopped carrying it. Carafa3 is also pretty clean if you dont mash it for 60 min. I havent had sam adams black lager in ages. I was thinking 15% carafa3...
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    black lager(Schwarzbier) critique

    that seems like alot of carafa3. I usually go with 8-10%. If you want darker id might consider sinamar or similar. Either way, id add the roasted grains at the end of the mash, you want a smooth mild coffee like roast, too much carafa3 can end up being slightly vegetal if you leave it the whole...
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    Bestmalz Aromatic

    Its a 20L crystal malt. Melanoidin malt is the closest to aromatic malt from best.