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  1. porter1974

    New York Grainfather chiller and fermenter

    These are located around Saratoga New York. Both the chiller and the fermenter are in excellent condition. I used the chiller 2x. I did a few lagers with it. It works really well. It’s less than 4 months old. I have used the fermenter about 6x. I will include extra o-rings and seals that I...
  2. porter1974

    Schwarzbier Water Profile Help

    I am trying to make get RO water to an appropriate mineral content. I am using the Munich Dark Lager profile from Brewer's Friend as a goal. Calcium 82 Magnesium 20 Sodium 4 Chloride 2 Sulfate 16 Bicarbonate 320 Grain Bill: Pilsner 7.5 lb Munich 10L 2 lb Carafa II 8 oz Crystal 60 6 oz...
  3. porter1974

    Grainfather Glycol Chiller

    Could it really finally be available!!
  4. porter1974

    IPA hop combo help

    I am working on a new recipe. I intend to add a small amount of bittering hops in the last few minutes of the boil and then whirlpool and dry hop. I like this method. I have some Galaxy and Tahoma hops that I plan to use but want to use one more hop. I can pick from Cascade, Alpha Aroma...
  5. porter1974

    Violent Scoby

    Has anybody ever been attacked by a large SCOBY? Sometimes I think it’s watching me.
  6. porter1974


    What would you do if somebody gave you pounds of mosaic and el dorado whole hop cones? I want to make an IPA and liked the all mosaic recipe from Northern Brewer. It was good when fresh and actually held up long term. It was: 11 lbs 2 row 1.5 lbs Vienna Malt .5 lb caramel 40 .5 lb...
  7. porter1974

    Hop Scedule Help

    I am making a beer to hopefully go on tap at a local New York brewery. The grain and hops both have to be 60% New York produced. I had success with a special bitter I made recently and am trying to adapt that recipe. As to the grain, I originally used Maris Otter as a base malt but...
  8. porter1974

    Englishish Ipa

    I am going to brew this beer next weekend. How does the hop schedule look? What WLP yeast strain do you think would be good? Original Gravity: 1.071 Final Gravity: 1.021 ABV (standard): 6.55% IBU (tinseth): 55.71 SRM (morey): 11.06 FERMENTABLES: 10 lb - United Kingdom - Maris Otter Pale...
  9. porter1974

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Parts

    Just finished my first ferment in the grainfather conical fermenter with the cooler chiller. It was a good experience. I want to buy some replacement gaskets and O-rings to have on hand. The problem is that they can't be found anywhere on the internet. Some companies in NZ and AUS have them...
  10. porter1974

    Yeast Harvest

    I am using my grainfather conical fermenter for the first time and wanted to harvest some yeast just because I can! I used wlp 005. It’s 5 days since I pitched and the beer is at 1.012. That’s my projected FG but it’s still slightly bubbling so I think it will go a bit lower. Fermentation...
  11. porter1974

    Funny Brew Day mishap

    I was putting my East Kent Goldings into a muslin bag for my 10 minute hop addition and they fell through the bag onto the wet dirty floor. I forgot I had cut that bag in 2 on an earlier brew. I had no more hops left but somebody offered me some Tahoma hops. I have never used that hop before...
  12. porter1974

    First attempt at invert syrup

    It’s firm. Not much like a syrup. My plan is to scoop it out, weigh it, and put it in the boil kettle. I was aiming for invert #2. It did darken a bit more after cooling.
  13. porter1974

    1823 Whitbread Keeping Porter

    I bought a Birthday recipe from Ronald Pattinson. It's actually pretty cool. You give him your Birthday and beer preference and he finds a brewing record from that day in the past. He sends you a recipe, a neat write up about the beer and a picture of the brewer's log book. I got a recipe...
  14. porter1974

    Water Chemistry Beginner

    I just received the results of my well water report. I brought it to the LHBS to ask for some help. The guy there was really obsessed with residual alkalinity (RA). He helped me work through an equation that would have me add about 2.5 grams of gypsum per gallon of water to get the RA below...
  15. porter1974

    Brettanomyces Lambicus

    I have 10 gallons of brown porter fermenting right now. I am going to take half, mix it with 6 lbs of cherry purée and a few pounds of frozen cherries. Originally, I was going to rack the beer to another carboy, add the fruit and pitch the Brett. Now, I am thinking about adding the fruit and...
  16. porter1974

    Recipe Help Brown Ale?

    I have .5 lb of chocolate and .75 lb of black patent malt laying around. I was thinking of buying 9lbs of Maris Otter and throwing in the chocolate and .25 lbs of the black patent. I plugged the grains into Brewer’s Friend and with safale 04 and some fuggles it came up as an American Brown Ale...
  17. porter1974

    Mash out strike water help

    This weekend, I am brewing a robust porter (13.75 lbs grain) and a mosaic IPA (13.5 lbs of grain). I want to get the strike temp right on the mash out. The mash out for both will be at 170 degrees. The first infusion goal is 152. My last beer was a blonde ale. It was 10.5 lbs of grain. I...
  18. porter1974

    Robust Porter Recipe Help

    I worked up this recipe on Brewer's Friend. A first time brewer wants to make a mid 6 ABV Robust Porter. Just wondering what people's thought on it are. Thanks. Robust Porter OG 1.064 FG 1.016 ABV 6.31 IBU 42.99 SRM 32.71 9 lb Maris Otter 3 lb Crisp Brown Malt 1 lb Simpsons Medium Crystal 1...
  19. porter1974

    Robust/Victorian Porter Help

    Being an anglophile, I would like to brew an all grain Victorian/Robust Porter. Under the beer style guidelines Robust Porter comes under American Stouts and Porters. I want to do an English style Porter. From my research, it seems like black malt began to be used in Porters around the 1830s...