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  1. jdog188

    "Rapi Kool" effective for wort chilling?

    Hello Everybody! I just got home from a restaurant supply store, and they had an item called Rapi-Kool ( that I had never heard of before. It is a heat safe plastic paddle, that gets filled with water and frozen. It was only...
  2. jdog188

    Can somebody explain a MLT

    Hello, Due to the crazy high cost of DME and LME, I think that it is time to move onto all-grain brewing! Not to mention, it just seems so much more legit. I have John Palmers book on the designs of MLT using picnic coolers, of which I have a very crude understanding. However, I still...
  3. jdog188

    Fermenter qualitiy question

    Hello. I am a fairly new brewer, this will be my first time using a food grade bucket and hops. My question is regarding the quality of the food grade bucket. I got them for free from my place of employment which is a Japanese restaurant. The buckets smell of soy sauce, and it seems impossible...