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  1. jamieofthenorth

    Critters and Hop Plants

    Has anyone ever had any problems with animals eating/destroying your hop plants? I'll probably build a small garden fence just in case given that I live on the edge of a large section of woods, but was curious if anyone has had any problems. If so, ever catch the culprits? Skunks? Rabbits...
  2. jamieofthenorth

    100% Homegrown Homebrew?

    Has anyone ever not just grow their own hops, but also grown their own grains and harvested their own wild yeast for a 100% "off the grid" homebrew? I've read that growing hops and harvesting wild yeast are relatively easy, but I haven't come across much on growing your own grains. I assume...
  3. jamieofthenorth

    All Grain or the Highway?

    About to brew my fourth all grain batch this afternoon (oatmeal stout), so I'm new to the process. It does take a bit more time but the results make it well worth it and I've had good success so far. I was wondering though, do you guys still brew extract recipes at all, either for the sake of...
  4. jamieofthenorth

    Output line from keg problem

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I have CO2 pressure going into the keg just fine but on the output I have to press down really hard in order for it to make contact to get any liquid to come out of the keg (currently have it filled with diluted stars san). I've tried...
  5. jamieofthenorth

    Corn Beer?

    Does anybody have any good recipes for a corn beer? Perhaps I'm naive, but I'm surprised it's not utilized more.
  6. jamieofthenorth

    Old School Gaming

    One of my favorite childhood video games, which morphed into a real life game we played in our neighborhood. Just had to incorporate it into a beer label. :)