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    PicoBrew Pico users

    So I`m guessing your not a fan but does it not do what it says it does, for people still on the fence and not just those new brewers, read as much info as you can on what this is intended for and base your decision on that , its not for some people but is a great piece of equipment that does...
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    PicoBrew Pico users

    Not sure if it can be posted but got a $200 off the Pico and $300 off Zymatic codes from Just enter at checkout pico200 or zymatic300 Couldnt resist the price of the Pico, looking forward to playing around with this Cheers Paul
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    Six year old homebrew... not terrible

    I was given a bottle of barleywine from a friend brewed 1997, every year I keep saying Im going to open, only have to keep 1 more year to be 20 years old Cheers
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    4 beers completed on GF, averaging 82% (wow) Couple of things---(I brew outside)I used one of them waist trimming belts (didnt work on me:D) to wrap around and than used the reflectix over that, have no issues with keeping boil (I did buy a 1000w bucket heater just in case, winters in Chicago;))...
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    My opinion Get it now You have obviously been looking and researching and you can`t find one bad thing against Spend the money and order it You will not believe how well this thing works until you try, now saying that, if you have money to burn, the 20l Braumeister is an awesome unit and does...
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    Grainfather sales now live in U.S.! Woohhooo

    I asked the question about 220v GF for US market This was response Estee replied: Hi Paul, We are currently looking into this , we are not sure when and if this will roll out however. Best to sign up to our news letter so that we can send you an update on this. Thanks Kind Regards Estee...
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    Induction BIAB

    Mine is insulated with 5 wraps of reflectix, I was outside (today in Chicago was low 40`s) I kept the lid on until hop additions, I use a hop spider I have it on a 50 amp spa disconnect that has the extra lugs for an extra breaker on both legs I have had no issue, and I have the hot tub...
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    Induction BIAB

    I think with a bigger grain bill I will use rice hulls, but having the grant in place I can keep a low flow through grain bed, just have to watch the level doesnt get to low in grant Its seems to work Cheers Paul;)
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    Induction BIAB

    So I finally set up the Avantco IC3500 Bayou 1044 wrapped with reflectix 1st brew was with steamer basket and bag inside I use a chugger pump to recirculate through a rims, the basket just doesnt work, I have read others say this So 2nd brew-no basket I filled kettle with 10 gallons Heat...
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    Request for Induction Equipment Information

    First test (just water) Avantco IC3500 Bayou 1044 wrapped 5 times with reflectix (no lid) filled to brim Outside 42 degrees Full 3500 watt setting 50 mins to 158 mash in 12 mins to 176 mash out 20 mins to boil Rolling boil at 2000 watts (tried 1800 watts--too week) Have the basket/bag, just need...
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    Induction Burner Help

    Reflectix, wrap the kettle use the silver duct tape to seal Most hardware stores carry it Cheers
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    Water flow for mash/sparge

    Model Number: YF-S201 Product Description G1/2" Water heater flow sensor, water flow meter Scope: Suitable for water heaters, credit card machines, water vending machines, and other flow measurement devices! Product Features: 1, the product appearance lightweight flexible, small size, easy to...
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    Water flow for mash/sparge

    I have it setup on output of pump, I use it from HLT to Mash only, I set it for amount of liters needed, it beeps when amount is reached, it might not be 100% accurate but close enough I like the idea of cutting off power to rims element, my rims will only turn on if pump is on, but didnt think...
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    Water flow for mash/sparge Has anyone tried setting up anything like these to control flow to mash Cheers Paul;)
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    Web-Accessible Temperature Logger for Raspberry Pi

    WOW-that was like trying to read a chinese newspaper, not a clue but looks cool Very impressive what you guys can do with these PI`s:mug:
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    [Initial Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    Thanks guys I still have to play around and figure out why browser bar is still showing, more reading Cheers Paul
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    [Initial Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    Not being raspberrypi savvy (I follow instructions) How do I do that? Do I have to start all over again as the screen is frozen on `It works!` page Cheers Paul
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    [Initial Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    everything is working upto step 5 I put in disable screen blanking configuration, reboot and now have a screen It works! This is the default web page for this server The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet I am now locked out, I can not do anything What now? Cheers Paul
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    Coopers kits are ****!!!

    If your starting out there`s nothing wrong with coopers kits or even mr beer kits, they will all produce a form of beer you will be proud of, as you read, learn and brew more you will eventually be able to produce the beers you desire, i have actually enjoyed most coopers kits ive brewed, but...